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The SII Group celebrates 40 years of technological compromise

The SII Group celebrates its 40th anniversary and, as part of the great technological multinational, SII Concatel celebrates with them this special day.

Under the slogan “Imagine the world of tomorrow with us”, the SII Group celebrates its anniversary. Present in 19 countries and 4 continents, its history is a story of constant growth and technological innovation.

Since 1979, the SII Group has witnessed the advancement of technology and has accompanied its clients on their way to Digital Transformation. Four decades later, the Group sets its sights on the future and reaffirms its foundational values: proximity, innovation and commitment to the quality of our products and services.

The SII Group releases its annual revenue figures for fiscal 2018-2019

Driven by its technology expertise, the SII Group has recorded yearly turnover of €631.4m for an increase of 12.6%, out-performing its reference market. The fiscal year has ended with a fourth quarter showing a nearly 11% increase from last fiscal year.


The SII Group has recorded yearly turnover of €631.4m for fiscal year ending 31 March 2019. Growth, which has been in the double digits for four straight years, has increased by 12.6% from fiscal year 2017/2018. 54% of turnover was generated in France, compared with 56% last fiscal year. For the whole fiscal year 2018/2019, organic growth was 13.1%, substantially outperforming the reference market.

International activity picked up over the course of the fiscal year with turnover of €289.5m, representing 46% of the SII Group’s total revenue. Business volume increased 17.7% from last fiscal year.

In the fourth quarter, international activity grew by 16.0% with turnover of €78.5m. This quarterly trend was mainly driven by performance in Poland (+27%), Chile (+114%), Canada (+59%), and Romania (+13%).

With turnover in line with expectations, the SII Group has met its objective of increasing the operating margin for the full fiscal year. With regard to trends in the sector and positive outlooks for 2019 published by representatives of the digital sector, the SII Group is confident that it will continue to grow.

SII Concatel, part of Internet of DevOps European project

The increasing connectivity, significance of software-defined functionality and penetration of electronics and software into all facets of our lives result in a society that is becoming dependent on smart devices that are part of and form interconnected Systems of Systems. Based on this basis, the Internet of DevOps project focuses on research and development for the application of this methodology when managing this interconnected future.

Concatel SII, under the coordination of Eureka and together with twelve other leading institutions in the technological field academic and business at European level, brings to this project its experience in the use and development of the DevOps methodology, especially in the development of specific aspects associated with its application in CPS systems of the e-Health area.

Internet Of DevOps

Focused as a multi-sectoral project, the DevOps project started last December 2018 and has an estimated end date of December 2021, with an allocated budget of more than 9.5 million euros. The technical innovations of the project will be demonstrated in examples of systems in key application domains, from telecommunications and 5G networks to the automotive industry, including consumer electronics, aerospace and defense, automation and digitization industries, IoT, eHealth and digital marketing.

Regarding the participation of SII Concatel and specifically the implementation of the DevOps methodology in the field of eHealth , the results of this research will be very useful in this sector. Due to the markedly increasing trend of technological demand in the field of sanitation due to aging and population growth and the growing interest in wellness consumption, it is essential to face the technological challenge, supporting to the accelerated process of development and innovation that the market poses.

Cocoon Medical successfully launches SAP S / 4HANA at the hand of SII Concatel

Founded in 2010, Cocoon Medical is a Spanish company based in Barcelona and dedicated to offer the latest technology and innovation in the field of aesthetic medicine, developing medical and aesthetic equipment.


In its path of continuous improvement within its Digital Transformation strategy, the management of Cocoon Medical opted for the implementation of an ERP that would respond to their present and future needs in terms of optimizing their internal processes. The solution chosen by Cocoon Medical as a business resource planning system and tools ERP was SAP S/4 HANA and, to carry out its implementation, they trusted the solvency and experience contrasted in this type of projects offered by SII Concatel.

The implementation project, started in June 2018 and successfully launched in January 2019, is currently in its support phase. Aimed at providing Cocoon Medical a consistent and reliable ERP system that attending to the processes of its headquarters in Spain and Bulgaria, the project has been carried out by a multidisciplinary team of SAP SII Concatel consultants, working in closed project mode to provide Cocoon Medical with a tool such as SAP S/4 HANA,  that provides the Company with agility in the execution of business processes, consistency, and instant information for companies. decision processes in all areas: financial, productive and logistics.

Cocoon Medical, which already has SAP S/4 HANA fully implemented in its organization, highlights the improvement that the use of this tool has represented in simplifying and centralizing your application map, as well as strategic decision making, now supported by analytical information in different levels of aggregation and segmentation in an agile and reliable way.

For its part, SII Concatel highly appreciates the success of this project and the experience gained in it, thanks to the excellent predisposition to change Cocoon Medical, has been a success that consolidates its SAP Consulting Division as a reference in this type of projects.

The Information Security Management System of SII Concatel renews its ISO 27001 certification

SII Concatel has been successfully subjected to the audit process necessary to update its certification according to ISO 27001, which accredits compliance with a set of international standards for the design, implementation and maintenance of our Management System of the Information Security (ISMS).

Once qualified the Information Security System of SII Concatel, the quality of the information security management of the Company is certified through compliance with this standard. The central axis of ISO 27001 is to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information in a company. The independent certification entity SGS has been the one who has audited and once again approved the status of Information Security in the Company, confirming that it guarantees that the risks of information security are known, assumed, managed and minimized by the company in a documented, systematic, structured, repeatable and efficient way,  adapted to the environmental and technological changes .

Specifically, the standard 27001 specifies the necessary requirements to establish, implement, maintain and improve an Information Security Management System according to what is known as the “Deming Cycle”: PDCA – acronym for Plan, Do, Check, Act (Plan , Do, Verify, Act).

SII Concatel congratulates itself for having an excellent team that works every day with the objective of keeping SII Concatel always up-to-date on something as important as Information Security Management.

SII Concatel coordinates the European project RELIANCE

The RELIANCE consortium, formed by 16 leading entities in the telecommunications sector, is coordinated at European level by SII Concatel. The project has been funded by the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI), by the innovation agency of Sweden, Vinnova, and by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBITAK).


In the short and medium term, the evolution of the Internet of the Future will mainly have its base in the 5G infrastructure. Providing comprehensive services, point to point, with the same infrastructure becomes one of the main challenges to be clarified.

The international project RELIANCE, an acronym for REsiLIent And scalable sliCing over multiplE domains, has as main objective the provision and deployment of a new level of services through a more flexible network architecture. The proposed solution, focused on the federation of network segments, will allow the dynamic combination of resources from multiple domains. In other words, the consortium aims to develop the concept of federated network segmentation to compose end-to-end services, covering different technical and administrative domains.

To respond to these technological challenges, RELIANCE will introduce the concept of slice choreography or section choreography, associated with the management of different federated segments. In other words, segments that are deployed transparently over different domains and that allow the deployment of services taking into account the requirements of scalability and reliability.

The coordination of the RELIANCE project, framed within the CELTIC-NEXT program, which in turn bears the EUREKA seal, is added to the rest of the European projects in which SII Concatel actively participates as a company committed to research and development. Development of new technological solutions in the field of Information and Communication Technologies.

he initiative positions RELIANCE and the consortium responsible for the project, in a position of leadership in the field of network research, in complete harmony with the objectives of the CELTIC-NEXT program on improved connectivity.

The Digital Transformation in the Real Estate Sector

Last Friday, March 22, a conference was held in Barcelona, organized by Tecnitasa and hosted by Fundació La Caixa in Palau Macaya, aimed to address the present and future from different perspectives of the Real Estate Sector.


Under the title The Valuation and the Real Estate” , the event was attended by prominent representatives in various fields related to the real estate sector and in particular with the scope of the appraisal. Joan Carrillo , General Director of SII Concatel, attended the event as a representative of the Technology sector. With his speech entitled “Digital Transformation in the Real Estate Sector” , he offered attendees a panoramic view of the present and future challenges of the sector in terms of digitization and use of the new technologies that the ICT sector makes available to this sector.

Throughout the day, the new mortgage law, omnichannel in the field of relationship with the user and the need to take advantage of the competitive advantages that ICT offer the sector, were some of the concepts that focused a debate marked by the high level of your speakers.

Blockchain , Big Data , Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things or calls Proptech; are some of the concepts that, according to Joan Carrillo , are impacting disruptively in the real estate sector and, specifically, in the field of valuation. In a sector with a low productivity compared to other technologically more developed sectors, Carrillo especially highlighted the need for real estate companies to face the challenges posed by the Digital Transformation.



SII Concatel launches Capturfy

Capturfy is the first industrial system in the world dedicated to the comprehensive production of visual content for ecommerce platforms, designed to respond to all the demands of the main players in a sector that evolves and grows exponentially.

Today there is no doubt about the capabilities and exponential growth of electronic commerce, to such an extent that some services outperform traditional commerce. The user experience is a crucial element in the online purchasing process, and within this experience, offering the greatest and best visual information of the products is a definitive factor when it comes to achieving a good experience and consolidating any sales process.

The visual description of a product must be made with a high level of quality, since it is demonstrated that the image of a product prepared correctly to be photographed, and in which the details have been taken care of, sells much more and more quickly than a poorly executed image In the same way, and in order to improve the user experience, a sales platform must achieve homogenize the presentation of the images that accompany a product or family of products . At present, there are many “classic” photographic studios that carry out these activities with difficulties, both in terms of space and image processing, since all the tasks are carried out manually, assuming a very high consumption of time and an increase of costs and that make it impossible to achieve a homogeneous visualization over time of a range of products.

In response to market demand for an ecommerce image provision service created specifically to respond to ITS needs, SII Concatel has taken to the market Capturfy, the result of five years of research and development by a mixed team consisting of robotics experts, software development engineers, eCommerce production experts and, of course, professionals from the world of image and photography.

It is a modular, comprehensive and scalable hardware and software platform that allows you to complete the whole production of visual content for eCommerce in a completely industrialized way. The entire process is automated, from the moment the product enters until it leaves, designed to deal with large volumes of production in the shortest time possible.

Designed specifically to meet the needs of ecommerce, Capturfy leaves behind the classic model of photographic studio in which the photographed process is manual and much slower and more expensive. Thanks to this, it allows to return in a short time the investment made, thanks to the automation of processes and savings in all those human and material costs of the “classic” study. Any properly trained person working in a production center Capturfy is able to get images.

Success story: Integration of SAP ERP with Tickelia in Bogaris

The SAP consulting division of SII Concatel has carried out in its Bogaris client a pioneering project of SAP ERP intagration with the technology for the digitization in the Management of expenses and VAT recovery contributed by Tickelia, new partner of SII Concatel.

Bogaris, a company specialized in the promotion of large commercial, logistics and industrial areas under lease, with more than 800,000m2 of SBA developed and more than 30 years of experience in the sector, presented a project to SII Concatel whose objectives are oriented to:

  • Integrate at an accounting level and in a simple way, the Tickelia travel expenses management service with its SAP ERP business management system.
  • Have the indicated integration in a certain time and manner and limited in time.
  • The developments and tables included in the integration solution should not interfere with the rest of existing components in SAP , both SAP standards and other customized developments.

Tickelia, a unique solution for the automation of expense management and VAT recovery of a company, works through a mobile application of maximum usability and its goal is to simplify, control and automatically register tickets for travel and subsistence expenses. The entire cycle of expense management, from the report to the accounting, is integrated into the same environment. The integration of Tickelia with the SAP ERP tool of Bogaris has been carried out by the team of SAP consultants of SII Concatel in a packaged way, which can be parameterized to adapt to the needs of each client.

Said solution contemplates the reception of the files with the necessary information to post in SAP ERP all the tickets / expense notes, expense invoices and expense invoices of the VAT recovery process, coming from the solution for the management of travel expenses Tickelia, and has the following services included:

· Making the programs and tables necessary for the execution of the process available to the client.

· Performance testing, in the development and test / quality environments.

· Explanation of the operation of the solution (training).

· Support for the start-up of the solution (execution of two expense accounting processes).


SII Concatel attended the IV CTecno Conference

SII Concatel has attended the IV CTecno Conference as a partner company of the foundation. Technology at the service of retail, the empowerment of the consumer or the future of shops and cities are some of the issues we have found at the center of the debate.


On Thursday, January 31, the 4th CTecno Conference took place in the Auditorium of the Disseny Hub of Barcelona. Under the title “Innovation in the world of retail: the shopping experience and business transformation”, this year’s meeting has reflected on the impact and opportunities that digital technologies offer to businesses. During the event, organized by the Cercle Tecnològic de Catalunya, conferences and round tables have taken place that have fostered the dialogue between front-line members of the ICT sector.

At 10 o’clock in the morning, the ceremony was started with the warm welcome of the journalist Eva Arderius and with the institutional presentation by Joan Ramon Barrera, vice president of CTecno.

Next, the expert in commercial strategies and brand creation, José Luís Nueno, delivered a presentation on the retail of the future. “Everything is based on demography,” explained Nueno, who reminds us that “we must attract millennials to our stores.” At the same time, he has predicted that the product will no longer be the motivator of purchase and that businesses should make an effort to understand how their consumers’ lives have changed.

After the conference, a moderated debate was opened by the director of the Retail and Brand Experience World Congress (RBEWC), Alba Batiste, where various personalities of the sector have participated. Among them, Xavier Mas, marketing director of CaixaBank, who explained how the company has changed its business model betting on the customer experience. “We have to generate a community and we do it through topics that interest millennials, we create physical experiences to create engagement about our digital services”.

As a representative of the transformation of retail banking, Mas has emphasized the paradigm shift that puts the consumer at the center of everything. The client looks for new formats in the usual companies, but through the channels that he already knows. It is the companies that must adapt to the channels known by their customers. In this sense, it is no longer enough to have “a satisfied consumer, but we must aspire to have a fan”.

In turn, for the financial director of BonPreu and responsible for the group’s online service, Pere Anglada, “the customer’s experience is based on quality, service and price” and it is important to meet their expectations.

The current trade must work digitalization, omnichannel and continuously adapt to new formats. On the part of the City Council of Barcelona, Guillem Vallejos has highlighted the different needs of the companies. Different needs, different rhythms, different solutions. The Digital Transformation, although necessary, will not be the same for all organizations. Technology is a very powerful tool, but it is important to know how to use the information it provides.

Finally, Jordi William Carnes, president of CTecno, was in charge of delivering the closing speech of the meeting. “We have the technology, but we have to learn to put a soul in it. We live in the first world of the first world and we must take advantage of the experience to be innovative and generous. “

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