SII Way of Life

Why become a FUNgenieur?


You can enjoy a flexible schedule, intensive day every Friday of the year and August, teleworking, etc.

Flexible remuneration

You can have it through the daycare ticket, restaurant, transport and/or medical insurance.

Health & Wellness

We offer different discounts in fitness centers, fruit day in the office, sporting events, etc. Keep your body fit with SII Concatel.

Advantages and discounts

All the FUNgenieurs, and also their relatives and friends have access to special advantages and discounts.


We bet on talent, and that is why we offer personalized training programs, guaranteeing the FUNgenieurs their professional growth.

Enjoy IT!

We are a team, and we love celebrating our achievements with style! Our summer and Christmas dinners are mythical! Don’t you want to join the party?

It's not our word, its #FUNgenieurs words!
Juan Ruiz, Departamento de Sistemas de SII Concatel

Juan Ruiz

“SII Concatel has been a fundamental pillar in my training as a Technician, since it allows me to work with important clients and learn more every day”


Belén Piqueras

“Thanks to the trust that SII Concatel has placed in me, I feel that I can grow and develop my skills. I feel valued by both my colleagues and my superiors. I love being part of this team!”

Himar Reyes, Departamento de Sistemas de SII Concatel

Himar Reyes

“It is difficult to find partners so loyal and so willing to lend a hand”