Manage your Infrastructures and Services through ServiceONE, the integrated Facility Management software with Artificial Intelligence.

We listen to buildings,
We respond to your needs

Added Value


Artificial Intelligence

ServiceONE® uses Artificial Intelligence and the possibilities offered by Big Data to provide efficient responses to incidents and requests for services, thanks to its integration with Watson, the leading Virtual Assistant in the market developed by IBM.


CAFM tool

ServiceONE is a CAFM tool, which guarantees a cross-functional infrastructure and services management, integrating all the departments of the organization. Its comprehensive information flow system easily communicates with the main ERP, CAD, GIS, BMS and SCADA systems in the market.


User satisfaction

ServiceONE® is a service-oriented solution, and therefore pursues the highest user satisfaction. With this purpose, it attends to the three basic axes of the Facility Management (ASSETS, SPACES and SERVICES) placing the focus on people and considering their satisfaction.


Space management.
Integration with BIM, CAD and GIS
Incident management and service requests.
Integrated ticketing with Virtual Agent – IBM Watson
SEE. Sustainability and energy efficiency.
Integration with BMS, SCADA and IOT
Management of agreements at the service level.
SLA (Client) OLA (Provider)
Asset Management.
Legal / Preventive / Conductive Maintenance
Project management and change management