⚡¡Neew content #SIITV!⚡ Today we meet Montse Gómez, IT Consultant at SII Concatel for 10 years. Will you go with us to meet she?

In this section of #SIITV you will know a part of us: our #FUNgenieurs. Only thanks to them have we reached where we are today, and we believe that the least we can do is dedicate a section to them to make them know, and show the world everything they are capable of doing.

Today in #SIITV… Montse Gómez????

Montse, tell us a little more about your professional career…

My working life started when I was in university. I started working as a programmer in a part-time company, where I combined work with my studies. Once I finished my grade I was able to continue learning in the same company, but I went to work full time in the same position as a programmer. Little by little, as my knowledge was grater in the tools and in dealing with the client, I moved up in my career until I became a functional analyst. Finally, SII Concatel offered me a position as a ServiceONE consultant and I have been here for 10 years.

What has been your professional career at SII Concatel?

I joined SII Concatel as an IT consultant for ServiceONE, since I came from the world of facilities. During this time in the company, I have been assuming grater responsibilities and managing projects better.

What is current position? And you challenges?

Currently, I continue working as an IT consultant for ServiceONE and managing different implementation and product development projects. My main challenge is, to be able to achieve a higher quality in the management of the projects to be more effective.

What do you do in your day-to-day work?

My main tasks are to monitor the different projects, detect risk situations and see how to mitigate them. I’m also in charge of proposing alternatives to ServiceONE customers that fit their needs.

What has SII Concatel given you since you arrived?

Being surrounded by a great group of professionals, where every day I learn from then and, they make me grow both professionally and personally.

What do you like most about your job?

Analyse the problems of the different clients, know to the different casuistries they have and be able to provide them with solutions adapted to their needs.

And what less?

The project management part, especially when for external reasons you can’t arrive on time to the desired quality.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I wouldn’t know how to tell you, life goes around a lot, but I guess I see myself doing the same work as now, perhaps with greater responsibility.

How do you define yourself professionally?

Versatile, capable to perform different tasks to according to what is required in each situation, always thinking about the good of the project.

We want to know who Montse is outside of SII Concatel…

I live in Barcelona, in the same neighbourhood where I grew up.

I have a 13-year-old son who, for better and for worse, is in his teens (I miss when he was a baby and did what I wanted :P). But every stage has good things and bad things, and now, I have a friend who is also my son.

In my free time I try to spend as much time as possible with my family and do any kind of activity with them. We all like to go to the gym and/or swim because my son plays water polo and must be a good swimmer. We also do a lot of hiking and in summer we spend all day on the beach.

I like to have my moments, in which I take the opportunity to watch series on Netflix and HBO, read and do puzzles. In my house I have puzzles of all types and sizes. I also like to go out alone with the bike and do kilometres with it. But above all, what I like most is to travel, get to know other culture, cities…

How do you define yourself personally?

I define myself as a calm and sincere person. If I don’t like something you perceive in me, many times they tell me that my face speaks. I always enjoy the current moment; I’m one of the people who think that we must enjoy the moment because we don’t know if tomorrow is going to come.

Your favourite place

Any place where you feel peace and quiet.

Your dream trip

My dream trip was Egypt. Loved it, we spend 15 days seeing those wonders and would come back without hesitation. Even so, I lack places to see that I would like to go, go on a safari, visit Costa Rica, etc.

Your favourite food

I’m like the kids, chicken battered with potatoes. The bad thing is that for the summer operation it doesn’t go well :P. So, I opt for seafood paella or a lobster broth.

Your favourite book

There are many books that have left they mark on me, but if I had to choose one, it would be “The Shell Seekers” by Rosamunde Pilcher. I read it many years ago I have a fond memory. Of the las ones I have read I would recommend “Shot, I’m already dead” by Júlia Navarro.

Your favourite film

The truth is that I’m more of series than movies, and as favourite series “Game of Thrones” without hesitation.

Your best commitment

Enjoy the good times and forget about bad ones.

Thanks, Montse! A pleasure to meet you… We hope you achieve your all your goals and objectives with us!