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At SII Concatel you will find much more than technology. You will find commitment, teamwork, creativity and above all, passion. You will find innovative projects, great challenges, and along with all this, the main thing: great people.



FUNgenieur Campus

FUNgenieur Campus is the knowledge engine at SII Concatel. It is the laboratory that makes knowledge flow constantly between people, and that they can develop their technical skills, their leadership capacity and also soft skills. At our FUNgenieur Campus, employees never stop learning and training.

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We know what really matters

At SII Concatel we know what really matters: you. That is why we believe that flexible hours and the possibility of teleworking are two essential elements to make your work life comfortable and simple. So you can dedicate time to what is most important, whenever and however you want.



For more than eleven years we have always opted for the use of Agile Methodologies. Today we have a large number of certified experts in this type of methodology designed to guarantee uniformity in the quality of our work.

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Team Work

We are a united team and we have a common goal: to build a scenario where quality, innovation, experience, effort, teamwork and proactivity are a daily constant.


IT World Changers

At SII Concatel we work on large projects, together with large clients. We provide 360º IT services and we are fully involved in each of these projects, thus becoming the IT provider of reference for large companies worldwide, belonging to sectors of all kinds.



We believe in technological innovation, and that is why we dedicate part of our resources to Research and Development, and we participate in several of the most important European projects dedicated to R + D + i.



We are a united team that share passions. We enjoy inside and outside of work, with leisure activities that promote complicity between employees. We support each other, acknowledge the efforts of our colleagues, and share their successes.


Social Benefits

We take care of you: we offer a nursery, restaurant and transportation ticket, health insurance, or annual medical check-ups, among many other advantages.



We work in a setting where quality, innovation, effort, teamwork and proactivity are a daily constant. We encourage the creativity of FUNgenieurs and we listen and value all their ideas and projects.

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