77% of Spanish companies plan to address their digital transformation through Agile Methodologies

The pandemic has been a litmus test for all those organizations that had not yet adopted the principles and ways of working of the Agile philosophy and methodology. Organizations with the ability to cope with the unexpected and innovate quickly are those that have adapted most quickly and efficiently to an unpredictable and ever-changing market.

Covid-19 has accelerated the digital revolution of companies. This transformation, which in another situation would have required careful planning, has had to be agile to face an unprecedented situation.

Covid-19 as a digital accelerator

Organizations have been forced to make quick decisions to continue creating value, while innovating and incorporating new technologies at full speed. Now these digital companies have set their sights on Agile Methodologies, knowing that in them they will find resilience, collaboration and a greater capacity to align the company with everything that happens in its environment.

This explains why 77% of the companies operating in Spain plan in their short-medium term strategy to carry out a transformation focused on Agile Methodologies. These are data from the latest study carried out by IDC and the consulting firm Kairós specialized in Business Agility, which, on the other side of the scale, places the organizations that have already opted for the Agile Methodology and that have done so mainly for two reasons: to improve the execution of the business strategy (33.8%) and the relationship with its clients (24.6%).

The report also sheds light on why in Spain the Agile Transformation follows a less frenetic pace than elsewhere. 53.3% of the companies that have not implemented Agile argue as the main reason ignorance, a percentage that, as we have already seen, is drastically reducing driven by the pandemic.

Advantages of Agile over other methodologies

Dynamic practices allow companies to respond quickly to new challenges and opportunities. In this sense, Agile Methodologies allow organizations to quickly reconfigure their strategies, structure, processes, people and technology towards value creation opportunities.

In general terms, successful organizations that manage their projects with Agile Methodologies and based on an Agile philosophy have certain distinctive features: a people-centered culture, rapid learning and decision-making cycles, and technology as an enabler. This is demonstrated by the high demand for implementation that agile tools such as the Atlassian Suite are experiencing, which has already become a strategic step in the Transformation plan of future agile companies.