From 1998 until today, the evolution of our company has been marked by a key concept: Growth. Ours, and that of the more than 500 organizations we have helped on their way to Digital Transformation. Twenty years ago, we went to the market with the first version of our Portal Framework content manager and the same foundational values that still govern us today: proximity, innovation and commitment to the quality of our products and services. Respect for these values has allowed us to expand our influence in the ICT market to become a global provider of technological services.

In 1998, the world began to know what the Internet was (though, very slowly, at 56 Kbpsl) Google was also born and the first mobile telephones came out (so to speak), when a group of young entrepreneurs believed that the web technology was the future, Concatel came out on the market with Portal Framework, our first product.

We sold the first projects and services to large companies and even made our first international project. But, without realizing it, only three years after the creation of Concatel. the dotcom bubble exploded and many internet-related companies had to close.

We do not give up We reinvent ourselves and bet strongly for IT Consulting. We look for new partners and with their entry we expand our service portfolio. We created the Vanture Corporate Group company, together with Concatel. I formed CVTeam. This allowed us to grow, improve and above all expand our horizons.

In a short time, we opened offices in the main cities of our country, specializing in SAP consulting services and in outsourcing. At the same time. we opened two new divisions: Banca yTelco.

We have always dedicated a part of our work and our resources to l • D • i. getting like this. in 2008. to launch the ServiceONE, our Facility Management software developed largely in our new subsidiary in Mendoza (Argentina).

A short time later, we opened our headquarters in Bucharest (Romania). We wanted to be a multinational company and we got it.

We started to consolidate as an IT services company. Despite our growth, in 2008 the real estate bubble burst and with it came to our country the biggest economic crisis in recent decades. The business prospects marked an uncertain future.

It was then that the S11 group, a French multinational in the IT sector, sought to open up a market in our country. We saw an opportunity and once again we bet on growth and expansion. We became part of the S11 Group, conserving and expanding our portfolio.

Since then. We have grown steadily. expanding our offices and the number of employees to more than 800.

And now, with 20 years and in full youth, we have all the future ahead with new challenges, new challenges and new opportunities to face.

So … we would like, among all of us, to continue writing this story.