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SII Concatel sponsors Inmotecnia Proptech

Last Thursday, February 20th, the Inmotecnia Proptech was held in the World Trade Center, an event focused on digital transformation opportunities presented in the real estate sector. SII Concatel, as an integral provider of IT services, was one of the main sponsors of the event. 


More than five hundred people attended the Inmotecnia Proptech, an event which was organized with the aim of sharing with the real estate sector the technological opportunities that they have at their disposal to adapt themselves to the current and future market needs.

SII Concatel, as an IT company, guides real estate companies on their way to digital transformation by analyzing their technological needs. From it, it advises them and puts at their disposal the most appropriate technological solution.

Specifically, SII Concatel offers the ServiceONE Real State Manager platform whose purpose is to automate processes and simplify the management of real estate services.

In this new edition, the day went by with a very diversified program of activities that featured round tables, presentations and, especially, spaces and situations that favoured the exchange of ideas and visions among attendees.

It should be pointed out the intervention of James Dearsley, the renowned influencer of Proptech, which highlighted the strong commitment of our country to this market. Along with Dearsley’s speech, the presentation of Olga San Jacinto was also a very anticipated moment in the event. San Jacinto valued the expectations of the future of the real estate sector and emphasized the importance of adapting to the new needs of society and, therefore, the prioritization of innovation.

Xavier Sala-i-Martín was responsible of concluding a complete day with a speech that raised awareness of the challenges presented in the real estate sector and highlighted the opportunities that technology will offer to combat and overcome them.



SII Concatel attends the 25th edition of La Nit de les Telecomunicacions

Last Monday, February 17, SII Concatel attended the 25th edition of La Nit de les Telecomunicacions i la Informàtica, a leading event in telecommunications and information technology, which opens the annual calendar of major meetings in the sector.


Organized by the Associació Catalana d’Enginyers de Telecomunicació ( and the Col·legi Oficial d’Enginyeria en Informática de Catalunya (COEINF), La Nit de les Telecomunicacions took place at the Barcelona Auditorium and, as every year, welcomed more than a thousand attendees. During the event, the contribution of personalities and companies was recognized with the Salvà i Campillo, Alan Turing and Joan Clarke Awards, as well as the La Nit Honor Award. The challenges of the digital society, the talent gap, the role of ICT women, the commitment to building a more sustainable sector or the innovation ecosystem of the city of Barcelona, ​​were some of the most present issues in the speeches and parliaments.

Thus, the night passed between tributes to an event that celebrated its 25th anniversary this year. Years later, La Nit de les Telecomunicacions continues to be a reference meeting for the ICT sector in which professionals, companies, public administrations, universities and institutions of the ICT world meet.

The usual closing ceremony, which this year had a festive nature, put an end to a day that we hope to relive with such enthusiasm next year. 

Economic results of the SII Group for the third quarter 2019/2020

The positive dynamic of the SII Group fiscal year 2019/2020 continues to strengthen. In this third quarter, the SII Group has grown a 6.3%  over the same period of the previous year. This is equivalent to 173.56 million euros.


The firmness with which the results continue to grow brings to light the professionalism and the technological experience from the SII Group and the trust which the stakeholders put in it. This has been reflected in the revenue rise produced between the three quarters of this period: 499.46 million euros. This means it has increased an 8.9% in relation to the previous year (2018/2019).

*excluding acquisitions and the effect of exchange rates (2018-2019 exchange rates applied to 2019-2020 revenue)

In France there has been a 258.43 million euros revenue, an increase of 4.3%. From this total, 89.23 million euros come from the third quarter. Although this term’s profit has slightly decreased because of the business environment and social-political reasons (-0,7%), this year’s prospect hasn’t changed.

In the international range, the SII Group has recorded 241.03 million euros between the three quarters, a 14,2% more than in the last fiscal year. According to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the SII Group, Eric Matteucci, this success is possible thanks to the geographic diversification strategy, which is mainly seen in Poland (+24,4%), Romania (+30,6%), Chile (+35,0%), Morocco (+19,7%) and Colombia (+14,7%).

This year’s goals have been defined based on the results collected until the third quarter: a total of between 685 and 695 million euros (a growth between 8,5% and 10%). Due to the prevailing growing tendency, Matteucci believes that we’ll be able to accomplish the objectives established for this year.



SII Concatel sponsors Inmotecnia Proptech, an event focused on the digital transformation of the Real Estate sector

Next Thursday, February 20, Inmotecnia Proptech will be held, an event focused on the opportunities for digital transformation presented in the Real Estate sector. SII Concatel, as an integral provider of IT services, will be one of the main sponsors of the event.


Inmotecnia Proptech is organized with the objective of sharing with professionals of the Real Estate sector the technological opportunities available to adapt to current and future market needs.

The event will take place at the World Trade Center in Barcelona and attendees would enjoy conferences and workshops throughout the day, to offer to them the necessary tools to find effective and innovative solutions for their business.

SII Concatel, as an IT company, accompanies Real Estate companies on their way to digital transformation. Analyzes their technological needs, advises them and puts at their disposal the most appropriate technological solution, through the design, implementation and maintenance of customized applications for each business.

Specifically, the ServiceONE Real State Service Manager platform allows to automate processes and simplify the management of Real Estate services through a platform of maximum usability, with real-time reports and personalized workflows. It also allows you to consult, modify or update information related to contracts, services, suppliers or consumption at any place or time.

SII Concatel, aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals

The commitment and involvement of companies in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set in the 2030 Agenda is essential to achieve a better and more sustainable world.


A little over three years ago the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit was held in New York, where the 2030 Agenda was approved, which is the most ambitious action plan ever developed in favor of people, living beings and our planet. This Agenda marks 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), of universal application and that should be the basis on which countries legislate and focus their efforts to achieve a more sustainable world in 2030.

In order to achieve these objectives, the involvement of all actors in society is required and demanded: political, social, and, of course, business actors. In fact, the involvement of the business world in the implementation of the 2030 Agenda is essential to achieve the goals set by the SDGs.

SII Concatel, as a committed company, have made our challenge to promote, from the private sector, the 2030 Agenda. That is why, since last 2014, we are part of The Spanish Network of the Global Compact and in recent years we have worked for some of these SDGs, culminating in 2019 with an active contribution to the achievement of 6 of these.

Our contribution to the SDGs

Although we contribute indirectly to the 17 SDGs through the way we carry out our business activity, we believe that, given our idiosyncrasy as a company, we can be very strong in some of these objectives. That is why we have analyzed which of them are more relevant to the company and in which we can provide more value. Thus, our efforts have focused on achieving SDG 3 (Good Health and Well-being), SDG 5 (Gender Equality), SDG 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth), SDG 10 (Reduction Inequalities), SDG 13 (Climate Action), and finally SDG 14 (Life below Water). This last objective has been worked together with our employees and the CRAM Foundation (Marine Animal Recovery Center) during this 2019.

SDG 13: underwater life and the CRAM Foundation

At SII Concatel, we believe that all local actions are the ones that really contribute to global improvements. That is why we have collaborated with the CRAM Foundation (Marine Animal Recovery Center), a private non-profit organization, based in Barcelona, ​​dedicated to the protection of the marine environment and the species that inhabit it. The CRAM Foundation carries out tasks to contribute to the fight against threats to marine biodiversity. They recover and reintroduce specimens of endangered species in their natural habitat, improve rescue protocols for marine fauna, attend marine animals victims of stranding, capture or accidental fishing, and work for the conservation of the oceans.

Its lines of action are the clinic and rescue of marine fauna, the research and conservation of marine species and ecosystems, and awareness in favor of the conservation of our seas and oceans. The CRAM has a leading recovery center and a technical and human team specially prepared for assistance to marine species. In addition, it has the Vell Marí, one of the few scientific sailboats dedicated to the exploration of the marine environment.

The Campaign

Last October, SII Concatel launched a solidarity campaign among all its employees in order to raise funds for the CRAM Foundation and contribute to the maintenance and improvement of the center. In this campaign, SII Concatel undertook to match the amount collected and, therefore, double the donation to said Foundation. This campaign, which was underway for more than three months, had a great reception among all the employees of the company. In addition, all persons who so desired could collaborate in different ways in the Foundation, such as sponsoring a turtle or volunteering at the CRAM. Thus, given the great success of the campaign, we will continue working in this line with the objective of working for all the SDGs and thus contribute to the construction of a better, fairer and more sustainable world.

The SII Group renews its Ecovadis Gold recognition

For the seventh consecutive year, the SII Group has evaluated its Corporate Social Responsibility practices through Ecovadis, an international recognition regarding sustainability standards as a service provider. 


The SII Group continues to increase the score in the Ecovadis evaluation, this time obtaining a 76 out of 100, two points more than the previous year. In this regard, the Group has managed to maintain the “Advanced” qualification in CSR and, consequently, has obtained one more year the Gold certification.

For the seventh consecutive year, the results place the SII Group in an advantageous position in the top 1% of companies in the sector evaluated by Ecovadis.

With the Ecovadis Gold Certification, the SII Group is rewarded for the maturity in its CSR approach in all its international subsidiaries . Sustainability and environmental responsibility have always been among the values ​​of the Company, which, once again, understands this certification as a recognition of a job well done.

Innovation and digital transformation in the perfume and cosmetics sector by SII Concatel

Held in Madrid and Barcelona last November and this December, the National Association of Perfumery and Cosmetics STANPA convened its more than 400 companies affiliated to two special days dedicated to the digitalization of the industry. Enric Roca and Carlos Álvarez, Consultancy ERP Director and Technical Director of Business Solutions at SII Concatel, attended as experts in the implementation of technological solutions.


Under the title “The Digital Transformation of SMEs: the keys to a successful transformation”, both events were attended by representatives of the perfume and cosmetic sector, as well as experts in the implementation of new technologies. Designed as a brief introduction to the subject, the days organized by STANPA also wanted to represent a first step from which new actions are geared by the Association to facilitate the digitalization of the sector and its adaptation to the current context.

Digital Transformation: How not to die trying?

For more than three hours, the need to implement new technologies was treated as a way to guarantee the maintenance of the high standards of competitiveness and performance achieved by the sector in recent years. The intervention of Enric Roca and Carlos Álvarez, Consultancy ERP Director and Technical Director of Business Solutions at SII Concatel, was organized in two blocks. One in which the concept of digital transformation was developed and another where the keys to a successful and tangible transformation were exposed. The impact of digitalization, the implementation of a digital culture, aspects that guarantee the success of these transformations, and short and long-term benefits, are some of the issues that were discussed. 

Then, José Antonio Hernández, founder of myCloudDoor, explained how companies modernize their processes quickly, easily and inexpensively, and can begin to serve their customers digitally in new and innovative ways with the help of Cloud Computing.

Joël Segovia, IT Manager of Cocoon Medical, put an end to the day with his presentation on the success story of his company. In its path of continuous improvement, the management of Cocoon Medical opted for the implementation of SAP S/4 HANA as a business resource planning system. The project, which was carried out by a team of SAP consultants from SII Concatel, is a clear example of internal process optimization.

The new quarterly results of the SII Group confirm the forecasts

The income of the SII Group has increased by 10.2% in the first half of the 2019-2020 fiscal year, which is equivalent to a turnover of 325.9 million euros. Good news for the company that, with these figures, sees its best forecasts confirmed.


Once again, the SII Group has published revenue figures for the first half of fiscal year 2019-2020, a period in which it has continued its growth dynamics both globally and in most of its subsidiaries. Specifically, the income of the SII Group has increased by 10.2%, reaching 325.9 million euros in the second quarter of the fiscal year.

On this occasion, the Chairman of the Group’s Board of Directors, Eric Matteucci, has shown his satisfaction with the growth dynamics of the first two quarters of the fiscal year and, in addition, has indicated that “this growth has been led by all lines of business and also by the commitment of the teams ”. These results are in line with the billing objective, which is expected to be between 675 and 700 million euros (+7% – 11%).

Solid growth in France and other countries

Between July and September, the activity increased by 10.3% compared to the second quarter of the same period last year, with revenues of 83.7 million euros in France (+ 7.3%) and 79.6 million of euros in international operations (+ 13.7%).

In the specific case of France, the SII Group has registered semiannual revenues of 169.2 million euros, 7.1% more than the first six months of the previous year. In addition, the growth dynamics during these six months of the year were led by all sectors of the Group, with a strong contribution from the main markets: aeronautics, space defense, bank insurance and telecommunications media.

International operations, on the other hand, have contributed 156.7 million euros to the income of this semester, a fact that represents a double-digit growth, specifically 13.8%.

Outlook for fiscal 2019-2020

With these results, the SII Group expects to continue its development and also expects an organic growth of between 7 and 11% in fiscal year 2019-2020, which would generate revenues of between 675 and 700 million euros.


SII Concatel takes part in Tickelia’s Technological Breakfast in Madrid

SII Concatel took part again in Tickelia’s Techological Breakfast, this time in Madrid, with the talk of José Luís González, Territorial Director from SII Concatel (East Zone). The event took place on Wednesday 23rd of October and it was about the digitalization of corporate processes and the possibilities that mobile technology offers in this field. 


On Wednesday 23rd of October, our partner Tickelia organized an event in Madrid which, like the one celebrated in Barcelona last week, aimed to address the benefits of the mobile digitalization and the automation of a company’s corporate processes. With the name “Mobile digitalization in the corporate processes”, there were introduced different solutions and working methods for an efficient management of expense notes, spaces, and workforce of a company, offered by prominent representatives of the technology sector.

José Luís González, Territorial Director from SII Concatel (East Zone) attended as a company representative. With his presentation “The time has come to mobilize with SAP”, he offered the attendees a functional vision of SAPUI5 and the integration of the tool Tickelia with SAP ERP. This solution, created together, integrates the cost management service with ERP of SAP, in a packetized and parametrizable manner, and has been developed to offer the best user experience. This way, it automates all the entire cycle of expense management from the report to the accounting, in the same responsive environment that adapts to any device.

Thanks to Tickelia’s Technological Breakfast, SII Concatel and other companies have shared knowledge and we hope we can be a part of other events like this one again.

SII Concatel, exhibitor at the Barcelona Tech Job Fair 2019

At SII Concatel we remain attentive to any opportunity to meet new ICT profiles and share experiences with technology enthusiasts. With this same objective, we attended the Barcelona Tech Job Fair 2019, which took place in October and where more than twenty companies and many more candidates participated.


Last Thursday, October 17, the SII Concatel team participated in the new edition of the Barcelona Tech Job Fair, organized by the TechMeetups group. Present in 21 cities, the group has more than 8 years of intense professional activity, helping more than 60,000 job seekers and promoting the recruitment of companies and technology startups around the world.

In this autumn edition, the Barcelona Tech Job Fair sought to connect recruiters from the innovation sector and specialized candidates. From developers, analysts and data scientists to designers, through many other profiles of the ICT sector.

For SII Concatel, the event served to create face to face synergies and as a first contact with new talents. A unique opportunity to find potential candidates and to boost the digital career of new professionals, helping the sector to cover the digital skills it needs.

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