The world’s first industrial system dedicated to the integral production of contents for ecommerce platforms.


The first industrial system for ecommerce image production

What is Capturfy?

Capturfy is a modular, comprehensive and scalable hardware and software platform that enables the entire process of producing visual content for eCommerce.


Capturfy includes a software specifically designed by the IT engineers of SII Concatel, from an industrial point of view, for the integral management of visual contents for ecommerce production process.


A production system in which the entire process is automated, designed to deal with large amounts of references in the shortest possible time.


Designed specifically to meet the needs of ecommerce, Capturfy leaves behind the photographic studio classic model in which the manual photography process is slower and more expensive.

How Capturfy works

How it works?

Thanks to a software specifically designed for it, Capturfy covers all the steps of the image production process for ecommerce, from its reception, preparation and capture to its supervision, copywriting and check out, defined and integrated into the system with full control and traceability of each sample.

Main benefits

Designed to respond to all the demands of the main eCommerce players, Capturfy adapts both to a large multi-product and multi-brand production center with hundreds of thousands of samples to process, as well as to the own production of hundreds of samples.

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Perfect results

The result of our integrated production process is perfect visual content tailored to your needs, optimized for use in online sales.

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Costs saving

Capturfy returns in a short time the investment made, thanks to the processes automation and the consequent savings in the human and material costs of the “classic” photo studio.

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No photographers

Any properly trained person working in a Capturfy production center is able to obtain perfect product images like only the best photographers can do.

Only you will set the limits

From our lightboxes and robotic hangers to our texture capturing tables for 3D or our zenithal capture booths, all our hardware is designed by the SII Concatel engineers specifically for Capturfy.


Our capture cabins are equipped with the latest advances in the fields of photography, lighting and industrial engineering, thanks to which they are able to offer the highest automated quality without the possibility of human error. Among its components, they include robotic cameras, autorotative platforms for 360º capture, intelligent LED lighting systems, automatic laser product positioners or green and blue chromas.


2m x 2m2m x 1m1m x 1mtailored2D


From its own design and manufacturing, the zenithal capture tables aim to provide overhead views of all types of products. Among its many technological elements, they include a robotic camera control system that makes it suitable for photographing any textile piece when it comes to getting a flat view of it.


2m x 1m2D


Unique in the market, our system of robotic hangers is specifically designed for Capturfy by our engineers to automate the photography of all kinds of garments with “falling effect.” Equipped with robotic cameras, smart flashes, X/Y laser product positioners, chroma and automatic barcode reader, it is the only current system that allows this type of capture in series, without manual intervention.


1,5m x 2,5m2D


Our tables for the automated capture of textures and colors allow the subsequent rendering of any product with maximum realism. They are equipped with an intelligent flashes system, a robotic camera and an automatic laser positioner of products to achieve maximum reliability to the original appearance of the product, once 3D modeling has been carried out.


2m x 2m3D

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