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The Sustainable Development Goals are now 5 years old

Today, Friday, September 25, we celebrate the fifth anniversary since the United Nations approved the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which is deployed through 17 Goals. Throughout these five years, various organizations, administrations, governments and also companies have aligned the Sustainable Development Goals with their policies, have undertaken specific actions, measures and initiatives, reaching a large number of communities and stakeholders.

The fact that the private sector takes pride in these objectives and integrates them into its policies and practices is undoubtedly a key point for their effective achievement. In this way, the SDGs cease to be simply a political issue and become an idiosyncratic issue in our society.

At SII Concatel, aware of the role we play as a global company in the provision of technological services, we are committed to the 2030 Agenda and always act in favor of the development of technologies that are respectful of the environment and society.

Under this premise, we align ourselves with the Sustainable Development Goals, and we make sure that all those organizations, agencies and people who, in one way or another are involved in our business activity, comply with and respect these principles and forms of action. By our nature, we are strong and influential in some of them, those for whom we actively work and to whose achievement we contribute through our activity and through the CSR initiatives we carry out.

Our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals

  • #SDG3 – Health & well-being
  • #SDG5 – Gender equality
  • #SDG8 – Decent work and economic growth
  • #SDG9 – Industry, innovation, and infrastructure
  • #SDG10 – Reduction of inequalities
  • #SDG13 – Climate action
  • #SDG14 – Life below water

Our goal is to achieve, through technology, the development of a more just, sustainable, inclusive, egalitarian, and respectful society.

Great success of the Webinar “CovidONE: while we cannot defeat the virus, let us limit its impact with the best technology”

Yesterday, Tuesday, September 22, the webinar “CovidONE: while we cannot defeat the virus, let’s limit its impact” was held. At this event, organized by IFMA Spain and SII Concatel, Antonio Pérez (Chief Commercial Officer at SII Concatel) and Miquel Nogué (Product and Engineering Director at SII Concatel) showed how CovidONE can respond to the needs of companies in relation to the management of security measures and prevention of Covid-19.


During the meeting, Antonio Pérez and Miquel Nogué presented CovidONE, the technology that allows companies to guarantee the safety of employees and customers, and in turn, ensure compliance with current regulations. Thus, in this fruitful exchange in digital format, we were able to present, in front of all attendees, our technological proposal to ensure business continuity, whatever its core is.

During the last part of the event, an interesting space for questions and reflections was generated on the functionalities of CovidONE and its adaptability and speed. We want to thank, the attendance of all the guests, and we hope that soon we will be able to celebrate more meetings as fruitful and interesting as this one.


If you want to know more about CovidONE, visit our website and find all the information.


“CovidONE: As long as we can’t defeat the virus, let’s limit its impact”. A webinar by IFMA Spain and SII Concatel

Tomorrow, Tuesday the 22, at 10 AM, will be held the webinar “CovidONE: as long as we can’t defeat the virus, let’s limit its impact” . At this event, which is organized by IFMA Spain and SII Concatel, Antonio Pérez (Chief Commercial Officer of SII Concatel) and Miquel Nogué (Product and Engineering Director) will analyze the different technological solutions available to manage security and prevention measures to face Covid-19, and will show how CovidONE can respond to the needs of companies.


We are at an uncertain stage regarding the future, and we don’t know where the whole situation that has derived from the Covid-19 virus pandemic will lead us.

For this reason, it is more important than ever for companies to be aware of the importance of taking measures in terms of social distance, hygiene measures, security measures and responsibilities of the company’s Administration in the protection of health.

In this webinar, Antonio Pérez and Miquel Nogué will explain how companies can guarantee the safety of employees and customers at this stage, and also, ensure compliance with current regulations through technology.

In the webinar, it will be shown how CovidONE, the SII Concatel solution, is capable of managing the organizational restrictions derived from Covid-19, and allows companies to act preventively, avoiding contagion between employees and customers and guaranteeing their health, managing equipment in teleworking and ensuring compliance with regulations in all on-site work activities.



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If you want to know more about CovidONE, you can consult all the information on our website.

SII Concatel is in the Top 1 of sustainable companies after achieving the Ecovadis Platinum Certification

SII Concatel has recently achieved the Ecovadis Platinum certification, the highest category among the Ecovadis Sustainability standards. This certification positions us within the Top 1% most sustainable services providers in the sector.


In the last five years, SII Concatel has obtained the Ecovadis Gold Category, but this year, thanks to our effort and commitment, we have achieved the Ecovadis Platinum recognition, the highest among all categories. Thus, SII Concatel is positioned within the Top 1% most sustainable services providers in the sector.

Thus, the EcoVadis Platinum certification reaffirms our commitment to customers, suppliers and other stakeholders, and encourages all of us to continue working towards a more sustainable world. We want to convey our most sincere congratulations and thanks to everyone who has made it possible.

EcoVadis, the most important certification of Corporate Social Responsibility

Ecovadis is the most important certifying company in terms of CSR, and the leading company in sustainability qualification. It currently evaluates more than 61,000 suppliers worldwide on sustainability, ethics and human rights.

Learn more about Ecovadis

SII Concatel is recognized as a GOLD partner by Atlassian, the world’s leading benchmark in agile software development

SII Concatel has recently acquired the Gold Solution Partner category from Atlassian, the world’s leading benchmark in agile software development.


Obtaining the Gold Solution Partner category shows that at SII Concatel we are highly trained and committed to its practice and business philosophy, and we are able to offer added value to our clients with a high level of expertise in the implementation and management of their tools and solutions.

At SII Concatel we have been working with Atlassian for more than 11 years, since we were one of the first companies to definitively bet on the use of Agile Methodologies. In fact, at SII Concatel we were pioneers in the implementation of the complete Atlassian suite in our country.

Our experience has been enriched based on its application to all kinds of projects until today, which we can proudly say that we have successfully carried out numerous projects, taking full advantage of the Atlassian suite of tools, and that we also have certified experts in this type of methodology, to provide personalized advice to all our clients.

This recognition is, therefore, the fruit of the quality, effort and dedication of the company and the people who work in it, as well as the number of projects carried out around the Atlassian ecosystem.

We want to congratulate all the team that has made this achievement possible, which undoubtedly represents a very important added value for our company.


Learn more about SII Concatel’s Atlassian services

As long as we can’t defeat the virus, let’s limit its impact. CovidONE is the best technology to effectively manage the spaces of your company

Manage the organizational restrictions derived from Covid-19, act preventively, avoiding contagion between employees and clients and guaranteeing their health, manage teleworking teams and ensure compliance with regulations in all face-to-face work activities at a reasonable cost. 


As long as we can’t defeat the virus, let’s limit its impact. 

Still not adapted? Guarantee safe and protected spaces with CovidONE, the definitive technological solution for companies.


Companies must reinvent their workspaces to permanently adapt to a new reality that has come to stay. Because, while it is true that there is some uncertainty about how the pandemic will evolve and about its impact on the world economy, there is also a certainty and that is that safety and prevention have moved to the forefront

To guarantee business continuity, companies must build trustworthy spaces and opt for safe and healthy facilities. Digitization and automation, therefore, have become essential in this new stage. A stage in which only technology can guarantee strict compliance with regulations and ensure the protection of employees, customers and suppliers at any time.

Technology to deal with Covid-19

  • Do your employees feel that they are safe in their job?
  • Are you putting their health at risk? And your client’s health?
  • Can you prove that your protection measures are the most appropriate?
  • Are you able to guarantee the safety distance at any time?
  • Do you have absolute control over access to your facilities?
  • Do you strictly comply with current regulations and prevention plans?
  • Do you have the ability to react quickly to any change in the regulations?


CovidONE: Create safe spaces to protect your employees, your clients, and your company

CovidONE is SII Concatel’s comprehensive solution with which you can deal with Covid-19, comply with current regulations, and guarantee the protection of your employees, your customers and your own company.  

It is a low-cost, easy-to-implement solution that integrates with the main systems on the market and provides traceability to all movements through automated processes. It is intuitive, usable, and scalable and offers specific modules for the management of extraordinary measures associated with Covid-19. This solution is fully customizable and adapts to any type of company through flexible models.

Whether from a computer, tablet, or smartphone, CovidONE covers the needs of all the agents involved and offers its own management environment for each type of user.

With CovidONE it is possible to turn the workspace into a safe place where socializing does not pose a risk to health.

Still not adapted? CovidONE makes it easier


Safety distance

A few clicks are enough to book workspaces and generate notifications that alert the employee when they have been released and can be requested. CovidONE allows controlling the density of employees present in the facilities and guaranteeing the maintenance of safety distances through the following functionalities:

  • Workplace, meeting rooms and common areas’ reservation.
  • Shift scheduling.
  • Office occupational map in real time.

In addition, this solution allows the traceability of infections and facilitates an early detection of affected employees and clients.

Hygienic and sanitary measures

CovidONE monitors the health status of all employees and makes forecasts about the number of users present in the facilities. Thus, the company can optimize resources, focusing disinfection tasks on the spaces most used by employees and guaranteeing the supply of PPEs.

  • Health status control: allows you to carry out health checks and surveys on a daily basis, and activate alerts if an employee’s body temperature exceeds 37 degrees. In addition, it generates personalized reports to detect as soon as possible any deviation in the well-being indicators.

  • PPEs management: it allows to control the availability of prevention material such as gloves, disinfectant gels or masks, and to design the replacement, distribution and purchase process, adjusting it to the needs of the company.

  • Sanitation of spaces: allows planning and monitoring of disinfection tasks to ensure compliance with the established protocol.

Security measures

CovidONE comprehensively monitors and analyzes the entrances and exits of personnel, integrating with thermal imaging cameras and other access control systems to ensure that no one with symptoms is accessing the facility.

  • Access control: enable control mechanisms at the entrances by incorporating body temperature measurement systems that offer results at the moment.

  • Control of visits and clients: manage access to the facilities through an authorization system by appointment, thus avoiding crowds and guaranteeing social distancing measures.

  • Permit requests: Manage in an agile way requests for access and travel permits thanks to the automation of the approval processes and the sending of the pertinent documentation.


To successfully tackle a productive and safe teleworking project, CovidONE also contemplates remote team management. In this way, it facilitates remote work so that employees are productive wherever and whenever.

  • Resolution of ticket and service delivery requests.
  • Integration with time control systems.
  • Use of alerts to ensure optimal control of employee entry and exit.
  • Assignment of work orders and monitoring of the evolution of each activity.

Real-time information

With CovidONE it is possible to track all managed services in real time. For this, the solution provides the manager with a customizable dashboard that offers greater visibility and supports decision-making.

CovidONE makes the employee-company communication closer and keeps all users up to date through the smartphone, informing them about the new extraordinary measures approved by the company or about any other decision that affects them.


CovidONE is a comprehensive solution designed by SII Concatel, a company specialized in Information Technology with more than 20 years of experience in creation , development and provision of IT services and solutions. As part of the French multinational SII Group, present in 18 countries and with more than 10,000 professionals around the world, SII Concatel responds to all types of industries and sectors through 360º technological services and solutions, offering a comprehensive value proposition to face transformation and innovation challengesMore information about CovidONE

“Zero risk for your company with the best technology”, a webinar by SII Concatel and the French Chambre of Commerce of Barcelona

Last Wednesday the 17th was held the webinar “Zero risk for your company with the best technology. Know the keys to guarantee the safety of your employees and clients against the Covid-19, complying with current regulations”, from SII Concatel and the French Chambre of Commerce of Barcelona.


We are at a stage in which, although we are sure that we will face with serenity, responsibility and enthusiasm, it is still very uncertain. For this reason, it is more important than ever for companies to plan their deescalation process in terms of social distance, hygiene measures, security measures and responsibility of the Company Administration in health protection.

In this webinar, the General Director of SII Concatel Joan Carrillo, and the Commercial Director, Antonio Pérez, analyzed the different solutions that are within our reach to guarantee the safety of employees and customers in this new reality, and in turn, ensure compliance with current regulations through technology.

So, in this fruitful exchange in digital format, moderated by Phillippe Saman, Director of the French Chambre, we were able to present, in front of all the attendees, our technological proposal to help business continuity, whatever its core, in this new stage that awaits us: CovidONE.


Learn more about CovidONE

SII Concatel renews ISO 45001, 14001 and 9001 certifications

SII Concatel has successfully undergone the audit process necessary to update its certifications according to ISO 45001, 14001 and 9001 standards, which certify compliance with a set of international standards for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (ISO 45001), Environmental Risk Identification Systems (14001) and business management systems (9001).


 ISO 45001

Certification according to the ISO 45001 standard demonstrates that SII Concatel meets all the necessary requirements for the establishment, implementation and operation of an effective Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

This certificate allows the Company to work efficiently to increase productivity and decrease the accident rate, by identifying and controlling the risks associated with each job.

Furthermore, it encourages a preventive culture by integrating prevention into the general system of the company and guaranteeing the commitment of all employees.

ISO 14001

On the other hand, obtaining the renewal of ISO 14001 means, firstly, that the company has been updated in the process of identifying all aspects of the business that have an impact on the environment and, secondly, that It has been able to redefine those improvement objectives that were necessary and a management program to achieve it.

In this way, with its approval, SII Concatel can demonstrate once again to regulatory agencies, interest groups, customers, employees and governments its firm commitment to achieving compliance with environmental laws and regulations.

ISO 9001

Finally, regarding ISO 9001, it has been certified once again that our organization correctly establishes and maintains its management system, demonstrating its ability to meet the service requirements for the scope, objectives and policy of the organization.

SII Concatel launches CovidONE

In exceptional conditions such as those we experienced as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, for any company adapting means ensuring the workplace and guaranteeing the safety of all the people who work there. We are at a turning point where companies’ strategic decisions and adaptability will be key to guarantee their survival and continuity. As a business response, SII Concatel launches CovidONE, the comprehensive solution to manage workplace safety and employee well-being at the time of COVID-19.


COVID-19 has affected all social actors, including the business sector, which is now facing an unprecedented risk situation. And from this situation derives the need for a drastic and rapid change in our systems, our processes and the way we work. Now it is essential to guarantee the safety of our employees and clients, and comply with strict regulations to ensure the continuity of our business.

At SII Concatel we are aware of the responsibility that this new situation implies and, in response, today we present CovidONE our comprehensive solution through which you can guarantee compliance with current regulations regarding COVID-19 and ensure the protection of your employees, your clients and your own company.

CovidONE: for your company, zero risk

It is a low cost and easy implementation solution that integrates with your current systems and provides traceability of all movements through automated processes. It is intuitive, usable and scalable and offers specific modules for managing the extraordinary measures associated with COVID-19.

The solution covers the needs of all the agents involved, from the company administrator to the manager, the technician and the employee. Each user has their own management environment accessible from any device.

Now the priority is to adapt quickly. CovidONE makes it easy for you.

With CovidONE, companies can increase the effectiveness ofinternal business control and comply with prevention plans, using digitized and automated processes that support their business response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Whether from a computer, tablet or smartphone, managers can intelligently manage workplace security, the provision of individual protection elements and access control to facilities. In addition, the data obtained by the platform is useful for making strategic decisions and allows monitoring the employee’s health status, increasing the ability to react to a possible contagion.

If you want to know more about our CovidONE solution, you can find more information here.

With CovidONE it is possible to turn the workplace into a safe place where socializing is not a risk.

SII Concatel sponsors Inmotecnia Proptech

Last Thursday, February 20th, the Inmotecnia Proptech was held in the World Trade Center, an event focused on digital transformation opportunities presented in the real estate sector. SII Concatel, as an integral provider of IT services, was one of the main sponsors of the event. 


More than five hundred people attended the Inmotecnia Proptech, an event which was organized with the aim of sharing with the real estate sector the technological opportunities that they have at their disposal to adapt themselves to the current and future market needs.

SII Concatel, as an IT company, guides real estate companies on their way to digital transformation by analyzing their technological needs. From it, it advises them and puts at their disposal the most appropriate technological solution.

Specifically, SII Concatel offers the ServiceONE Real State Manager platform whose purpose is to automate processes and simplify the management of real estate services.

In this new edition, the day went by with a very diversified program of activities that featured round tables, presentations and, especially, spaces and situations that favoured the exchange of ideas and visions among attendees.

It should be pointed out the intervention of James Dearsley, the renowned influencer of Proptech, which highlighted the strong commitment of our country to this market. Along with Dearsley’s speech, the presentation of Olga San Jacinto was also a very anticipated moment in the event. San Jacinto valued the expectations of the future of the real estate sector and emphasized the importance of adapting to the new needs of society and, therefore, the prioritization of innovation.

Xavier Sala-i-Martín was responsible of concluding a complete day with a speech that raised awareness of the challenges presented in the real estate sector and highlighted the opportunities that technology will offer to combat and overcome them.



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