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International Day of Women and Girls in Science and Technology – We Are #WomenIT

The International Day of Women and Girls in Science was born with the aim of recognizing the essential role that women and girls play in science and technology. Thus, since 2015 we commemorate this day in order to achieve access and full and equitable participation in science and ICT, and also to achieve gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls, who play a fundamental role in the science and technology communities.


The technology sector, the engine of the world economy, is experiencing a shortage in terms of lack of talent. Paradoxically, and despite the good employment opportunities offered by ICT, the presence of women is still insufficient. Ensuring that new generations of women find their future option in the technology sector is the new challenge to be clarified. And to find a first explanation for this phenomenon, we must ask ourselves what elements are essential to encourage girls’ interest in ICTs.

WomenIT at SII Concatel

They lead the way, set an example, fight and get where they want to go. They are Carol and Estefanía, and they will tell us how they have become ICT Women. 


Carolina Garrido, IT PROJECT MANAGER

Why do you think the presence of women in technology is still so rare?

Indeed, it is true that I have more co-workers who are men and fewer co-workers who are women. Historically, women have opted more for careers in the social sciences and humanities, perhaps because they were believed to be more useful in these sectors. But I think that this is changing at an exponential rate and it is precisely because science and technology have become increasingly transversal in today’s society, their presence is in all areas, which makes the role of women is unavoidable in these areas. I am convinced that the presence of women in the ICT sector will grow a lot in the coming years. In the same way, I believe that in education scientific and technological training will be more combined with socio-economic training. I believe that we are going towards a world in which I think it is difficult not to come across ICTs at some point in your professional career, and that will undoubtedly help women to make their way in this world. 

What did ICT awaken in you to choose this path?

My adventure in the ICT sector began 5 years ago as a result of a professional reinvention. I was looking forward to a change in my professional career, which until then had been in the area of ​​sales and marketing in multinational companies. One of the reasons that led me to opt for a profession related to ICT was the strong demand that there was and still is in the market in this sector. I believe that new technologies have become more and more a cross-cutting component in all companies that cover all business areas. This point seemed very interesting to me and I took advantage of my experience with the different departments of the company to occupy positions in which I acted as an interlocutor between the business areas and the technical area, and thus began to manage digital projects.

This adventure has been and continues to be a challenge, not without difficulty, where there is a learning curve that is undoubtedly worth it in the medium and long term. There is more and more mobility in jobs in medium and large companies and I would definitely recommend to anyone who had the opportunity to delve into the world of ICT for a while.

Estefanía Del Pozo, IT CONSULTANT

Why do you think the presence of women in technology is still so rare?

Because we don’t feel free to choose yet. And I think that’s the most important thing. I think we should put prejudice aside. We have become accustomed to giving our opinion without knowing, to judging based on what others think and not trusting our own criteria or, most importantly, the criteria of our sons and daughters.

I’m sure that if we stopped clipping our wings because of preconceptions, more girls would choose this path. For example, the simple fact that you play with a remote control car may lead you to want to study Telecommunications, or the fact that you want to study an Arts degree can make you a professional in video game design in the end.

Basically I think the only trick is that, to support them to continue their path without judging them. Society evolves at a dizzying speed, if we limit them in the present we are limiting their future.

I have been lucky, I know many women who have stood up to the prejudices that they had to live in their lives and are now true professionals in the IT sector. And it is true that I am proud to think about them, but I would like that, in the future, pride will not include the feeling that they have had to face prejudice to be where they are.

What did ICT awaken in you to choose this path?

As a child I always wanted to be an architect, I am fascinated by the world of construction and I wanted to be part of it. I got to study that degree, but my plans went awry when I had been studying for a couple of years and had to drop out of college and go to work. I plunged into a comfort zone for six years. I had two part-time jobs, very little time for me, and what I did was not fulfilling. Until I stood up and decided to change my future for the better: I decided to get into the world of computing. I’ve always been curious about this world, but I considered it a hobbie. I hadn’t considered working on it until then. And I transformed that hobby into something else.

I quit both jobs and started studying a professional training course, Cross-Platform Application Development, and while I was studying it I fell in love with databases.

I had only been teaching for three months when I started looking for work in the sector and a company bet on me. It seems impossible with the little training I had, but I assure you that I was completely sincere in the interview. I did not make up anything, I did not invent anything, I told them the same thing that I just told you.

They put my logic to the test, they saw that it was something that I really liked and that I wanted to learn and work with it. To this day I am sure that getting out of my comfort zone has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Artificial Intelligence breakthrough inthe Insurance sector with the Oxilate Project, led by SII Concatel

Artificial Intelligence is once again the undisputed protagonist of Digital Transformation in many sectors, including the insurance sector.



SII Concatel joins the OXILATE revolution: Collective Intelligence, Knowledge Graphs and Machine Learning

The Oxilate Project (Operational eXcellence by Integrating Learned information into Actionable Expertise – ITEA 3) is a European Project dedicated to R & D & I that seeks to create an intelligent assistant that provides insurance agents with the ability to take strategic decisions in real time about the kind of customer they have, or competitors meaningful data.

On the one hand, Collective Intelligence allows combining the power of human capital with the automation capabilities of software, through knowledge transferring techniques, combining Knowledge Graphs and Artificial Intelligence. Thus, together, humans and bots, work cooperatively to reach the main sector challenges.

“By combining employee skills, smart machines and specialized external resources, insurers can overcome talent deficits, reduce overhead and boost performance.”

SII Concatel, among other technology companies, is working to carry out this project, contributing with its know-how in the automation of processes and Artificial Intelligence applied to the business. Thus, the main function and the challenge we face as a company is to provide, through research and development, intelligent and adaptable IT solutions.


Insurance industry and challenges

Today, insurers face a market where customers have a lot of information and seek to optimize their time and money. They also seek faster answers to their needs, more transparency and the development of tailor-made products.

Demands that, on the other hand, are increasingly difficult to face successfully, because today, more than 25% of the workforce in the sector is retiring, and with them, the knowledge and experience acquired. According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, less than a third of the people who work in the insurance industry are under the age of 35.

To satisfy these new needs, the sector sees technology as its main ally and the element that will allow it to rachieve these challenges.

Although this sector has been one of the latest to make its way into the digital world, it has done it so giving way to the Insurtech phenomenon, a phenomenon that applies, through technology and Intelligence Artificial, improvements in the business model of insurers.

SII Concatel again passes the audit for the main international IT Service Management certification (ISO 20,000)

Last December, SII Concatel carried out the audit for the renewal of the ISO 20,000 Certification, the internationally recognized standard in IT Service Management (Information Technology). It is the first IT service management system certifiable under a globally recognized standard. 


Obtaining this certification means that SII Concatel can demonstrate that the IT services it offers are meeting the business needs, through the implementation and maintenance of an IT Service Management System (SGSTI) based on the requirements of said standard.

Therefore, the certification in this international standard allows to independently demonstrate that the services we offer comply with the best practices. SII Concatel wants to thank all of you who work every day to improve processes to carry out our core business in the best possible way for their great work.

The SII Group experiences a first half-year 2020-2021 sustained by the resilience of international activities

The SII Group’s revenues have experienced an incipient recovery in a period in which foreign revenues have represented 53% of the total. Good news for the company which, with these figures, has confirmed its forecasts for a gradual recovery in activity.

The SII Group has made public the economic results of the firs-half of 2020-2021 and its future forecasts. “In a crisis situation linked to Covid-19, which affected the entire beginning of the fiscal year, the SII Group experienced a measured decline in the first half of the year, sustained mainly by its international activities,” commented Eric Matteucci, Chairman of the Management Board. “After a first quarter strongly affected by a strict lockdown, the second quarter showed favorable signs of recovery in activity: teams were able to seize the opportunities at the end of the first lockdown in numerous sectors where the Group is present.”

Although he recalled that we must be cautious in the face of the still changing situation of the public health crisis and the measures taken by the different governments, Eric Matteucci has been confident that the Group’s results will continue to offer the growth dynamics shown in recent years.

Incipient recovery in the first semester 2020-2021

Revenues for this half-year stood at €301.2m, down 7.6% at constant rates (-5.9% at current rates), penalized by blackout periods in various countries. Due to the solidity of our international business, revenue from abroad accounted for 53% of the total.

In France, revenue stood at €140.2m, with the second quarter showing a gradual recovery in activity compared to the first. The diversity of the activity sectors in which the group operates favored this recovery, driven mainly by the Banking/Insurance and Telecommunications sectors.

Our international activities, on the other hand, generated €161.0m in revenue during the semester, which is 2.7% more than in the same period of the previous year. Poland posted a remarkable growth of 20.8% (at constant rates) with good results in the Banking/Mutual, Health and Electronics sectors. Germany and Spain, exposed to the aerospace and automotive sectors, and the service sectors, respectively, registered a decline, but signs of recovery were observed at the end of the semester, especially in Spain.

Likewise, the SII Group adapted its contracting rhythm to the crisis situation. This first semester ended with a drop in the workforce, with 8,334 employees compared to 8,601 at the end of March 2020. Even so, the Group continues to strive to maintain a high quality of life at work for its employees, whether remotely or on the job, and to improve the skills of your teams.

We continue working on the gradual recovery of the activity

The SII Group has strong fundamentals to take advantage of growth opportunities as the economy gradually recovers. By helping companies in their digital transformation, the Group can rely on stronger demand as new digital needs emerge in all sectors after the health crisis Diversified geographically and by sector, with a well-adapted organizational structure, the Group it has many strengths and levers to help you recover.

If you want to know the information in detail, you can access the complete document here.

SII Group received the “2020 supplier Award in competitiveness” from Thales Group

As the leading strategic software and system Engineering Partner of Thales Group, SII received the “2020 supplier Award in competitiveness category” from Thales at the Thales Digital Supplier Conference on December 15th 2020.


Over the last 3 years, SII Group has been very involved in the main projects of all Thales Global Business units by deploying teams in France, United Kingdom, Canada, Romania, Poland, Spain, Morocco and the Czech Republic. Thus, we have demonstrated our resilience, especially during this last 2020. 

This Award is the result of a strong collaboration between Thales and SII, whose common goal is to structure and transform delivery models in order to improve performance and to bring agility, flexibility, commitment and nearshore solutions.

Thales Supplier Conference 2020

Today, by means of its technological strike force, its creativity and the involvement of its teams, Thales became an inescapable digital transformation player.

Every year, Thales awards 5 suppliers among a portfolio of 500 suppliers worldwide, and we are very proud to receive this Award from Thales Group, and we really appreciate the strong collaboration with Thales teams as the leading engineering strategic partner.

We are more than committed to pursue our worldwide partnerships and to build the future with Thales Group and all our customers.


We continue to promote innovation as sponsors of the V Prix Entrepreneur Tech

On December 2, the fifth edition of the Prix Entrepreneur Tech took place, organized annually by the French Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona and sponsored by SII Concatel, which was also part of the jury. During the ceremony, the eight finalists presented their projects under the watchful eye of attendees, companies and investors, in an edition which was held live from the Casa SEAT. 


The French Chamber of Commerce already has a winner of its V Prix Entrepreneur Tech. Once again, SII Concatel has had the opportunity to attend this contest as official sponsor and jury of the contest.

This initiative, which seeks to promote and support innovation and promote entrepreneurial talent, mobilizes important companies in the technology sector to help startups in their development and make their project known. Thus, of the 49 projects that were submitted to the call, only 8 were selected by the jury to proceed to the final phase of the contest.

This time, the Casa SEAT was the chosen setting for the Prix Entrepreneur Tech finalists to present their projects, with limited capacity for representatives of startups and sponsors. The rest of the attendees had the opportunity to participate in the streaming ceremony.

Prix ​​Entrepreneur Tech award ceremony

The jury, among whose members was Joan Carrillo, General Director of SII Concatel, gave the award to the Payflow platform applied to the business world. This application offers a revolutionary social benefit so that employees can get paid what they need, when they need it and with a single click. In this way, the user has instant access to their earned salary at any time and the amount already collected is deducted from their payroll at the end of the month. Thus, the project aims to promote payment in real time as an experience that motivates, empowers and improves employee productivity. From SII Concatel we congratulate the winner, and wish him the best of luck to move forward with his project.

Seguimos impulsando la innovación como patrocinadores

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Payflow, which won the trophy, obtained: one year of free membership in the French Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona as a member of the patronage committee with access to exclusive events with more than 100 large Franco-Spanish companies, three months of space for coworking in Spain or France, as well as mentoring with specialists in the sector, members of the Board of Directors of the French Chamber of Commerce and companies that are part of the jury.

Taking advantage of the occasion, at SII Concatel we want to emphasize our commitment to innovation, and therefore, we wish good luck to all those entrepreneurs who believe in their idea, and work hard day by day to make it come true. We hope, with this, that the success of this call is repeated and that we achieve that synergy that, without a doubt, will be beneficial for all.

At SII, we are committed to IT talent: with ApadrinaTIC, we will help students affected by the Covid-19 crisis

As a company committed to technology and society, and within our framework of Social Responsibility, we have joined the solidarity campaign #ApadrinaTIC, which seeks to help students affected by the Covid-19 crisis.  

The program, promoted by CTecno, will help technology students with financial difficulties due to the Covid-19 crisis through scholarships and a Mentoring program by experts.


SII Concatel joins #ApadrinaTIC, a solidarity initiative promoted by CTecno, which aims to help students of technological careers who have suffered a high impact on their family environment as a result of COVID-19, and therefore could have special difficulties to carry out the 2020 course / 2021.

Thus, this initiative proposes a scholarship plan to finance the payment of tuition for students who want or are already pursuing technical careers at a public university, with the aim that the lack of economic resources is not a barrier to continue training in the technology field.

In turn, there will be a mentoring program where some of our workers will participate. Each of them will be assigned a student, to whom they can offer professional support, discuss their expectations and motivations, propose the keys for a good incorporation into the IT labor market, or train them in some technical capacity.

We are grateful to CTecno for counting on us to carry out this initiative, and we hope to be able to help as many families as possible.


SII Concatel obtains the first place in Social Responsibility in the annual report of SII Group

SII Group has presented the annual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report, where all the SII entities are evaluated. This year, SII Concatel achieved the first place, a result that reflects the quality of our Social Responsibility practices and our commitment in this area.


This year we celebrate obtaining the first position among all the entities that are part of the Group, with a total score of 92%. Together with us, in the top positions, are also SII France, SII Germany, SII Romania and SII Poland.

This evaluation is based on various indicators established by the Group on issues as environment, good business practices, sustainability, and values ​​and social respect.

We are proud of the achievements of all the companies of the SII Group. Thanks to the commitment and the union of all of us, we have achieved great results.

Thus, of all the entities that are part of the SII Group…

  • 70% carry out comprehensive and detailed risk assessments.
  • 80% of us have promote plans for the well-being and quality of life of our employees.
  • 100% annually evaluate the evolution of each of our employees.
  • 100% of us have a Code of Ethics.
  • 80% have policies to prevent discrimination.
  • 87% of us promote sustainable way of life.
  • 80% of us have a person who is specifically in charge of everything that concerns the environment and sustainability.
  • 80% of us have specific procedures that guarantee the security of our information.
  • 47% of us have specific codes of conduct for suppliers, and we include environmental clauses in contracts.

We hope that next year we can see even better results. Congratulations to all!

The Sustainable Development Goals are now 5 years old

Today, Friday, September 25, we celebrate the fifth anniversary since the United Nations approved the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which is deployed through 17 Goals. Throughout these five years, various organizations, administrations, governments and also companies have aligned the Sustainable Development Goals with their policies, have undertaken specific actions, measures and initiatives, reaching a large number of communities and stakeholders.

The fact that the private sector takes pride in these objectives and integrates them into its policies and practices is undoubtedly a key point for their effective achievement. In this way, the SDGs cease to be simply a political issue and become an idiosyncratic issue in our society.

At SII Concatel, aware of the role we play as a global company in the provision of technological services, we are committed to the 2030 Agenda and always act in favor of the development of technologies that are respectful of the environment and society.

Under this premise, we align ourselves with the Sustainable Development Goals, and we make sure that all those organizations, agencies and people who, in one way or another are involved in our business activity, comply with and respect these principles and forms of action. By our nature, we are strong and influential in some of them, those for whom we actively work and to whose achievement we contribute through our activity and through the CSR initiatives we carry out.

Our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals

  • #SDG3 – Health & well-being
  • #SDG5 – Gender equality
  • #SDG8 – Decent work and economic growth
  • #SDG9 – Industry, innovation, and infrastructure
  • #SDG10 – Reduction of inequalities
  • #SDG13 – Climate action
  • #SDG14 – Life below water

Our goal is to achieve, through technology, the development of a more just, sustainable, inclusive, egalitarian, and respectful society.

Great success of the Webinar “CovidONE: while we cannot defeat the virus, let us limit its impact with the best technology”

Yesterday, Tuesday, September 22, the webinar “CovidONE: while we cannot defeat the virus, let’s limit its impact” was held. At this event, organized by IFMA Spain and SII Concatel, Antonio Pérez (Chief Commercial Officer at SII Concatel) and Miquel Nogué (Product and Engineering Director at SII Concatel) showed how CovidONE can respond to the needs of companies in relation to the management of security measures and prevention of Covid-19.


During the meeting, Antonio Pérez and Miquel Nogué presented CovidONE, the technology that allows companies to guarantee the safety of employees and customers, and in turn, ensure compliance with current regulations. Thus, in this fruitful exchange in digital format, we were able to present, in front of all attendees, our technological proposal to ensure business continuity, whatever its core is.

During the last part of the event, an interesting space for questions and reflections was generated on the functionalities of CovidONE and its adaptability and speed. We want to thank, the attendance of all the guests, and we hope that soon we will be able to celebrate more meetings as fruitful and interesting as this one.


If you want to know more about CovidONE, visit our website and find all the information.