In order to adapt to the New General Regulation of Data Protection, SII Concatel introduced at the beginning of 2018 its process of adaptation to this new regulation, which comes into force on May 25.

The GDPR affects all companies that work with the data of European citizens, even if they are located outside European territory. The purpose of the new regulation is to inform users about what data are used, how and for what purpose.

SII Concatel has always been committed to the security of her clients’ data, and has always respected their will. That is why the company strated at the beginning of 2018 a process to inform all its suppliers, partners and business contacts about the change in regulations.

Furthermore, it has carried out actions aimed at obtaining the explicit consent of all its contacts when it comes to continue receiving commercial communications from the Company as well as the articles o Enjoy IT, the blog of the professionals of SII Concatel, written from the experience of workers in the world of Information Technology and Communication, can continue to do so.

Although it is a challenge for all companies, SII Concatel understands its adaptation to the RGPD as an opportunity to move towards a safer and more informed society, in which data is treated more transparently, as well as to improve the relationship between the company and its customers.

computer protected by the new european regulation rgpd