Tomorrow, Tuesday the 22, at 10 AM, will be held the webinar “CovidONE: as long as we can’t defeat the virus, let’s limit its impact” . At this event, which is organized by IFMA Spain and SII Concatel, Antonio Pérez (Chief Commercial Officer of SII Concatel) and Miquel Nogué (Product and Engineering Director) will analyze the different technological solutions available to manage security and prevention measures to face Covid-19, and will show how CovidONE can respond to the needs of companies.

We are at an uncertain stage regarding the future, and we don’t know where the whole situation that has derived from the Covid-19 virus pandemic will lead us.

For this reason, it is more important than ever for companies to be aware of the importance of taking measures in terms of social distance, hygiene measures, security measures and responsibilities of the company’s Administration in the protection of health.

In this webinar, Antonio Pérez and Miquel Nogué will explain how companies can guarantee the safety of employees and customers at this stage, and also, ensure compliance with current regulations through technology.

webinar ifma spain and sii concatel covidone

In the webinar, it will be shown how CovidONE, the SII Concatel solution, is capable of managing the organizational restrictions derived from Covid-19, and allows companies to act preventively, avoiding contagion between employees and customers and guaranteeing their health, managing equipment in teleworking and ensuring compliance with regulations in all on-site work activities.