Can you guarantee the security of your information systems?

At SII Concatel we focus on cybersecurity through a comprehensive, proactive and iterative approach, and we carry out actions that test the security level of information systems so that our clients can take measures that guarantee the confidentiality, availability and integrity of their assets.

Our team of specialized professionals bring together the capacity, the knowledge, and the necessary tools to respond to any need in terms of cybersecurity.

Our Cybersecurity services

To detect failures, entry points, bad configurations, and internal security breaches, at SII Concatel we offer Technical Security Audit services.

Our objective is to carry out an objective approach to the security of the company and identify those risks that threaten its normal operation. Thus, we carry out a diagnosis of their perimeter security that allows us to detect vulnerabilities and deficiencies.

We simulate real attacks on infrastructures and information systems with the aim of evaluating the security configurations of computing environments and determining the degree of access that an attacker with malicious intent would have.

At SII Concatel we help our clients achieve a resilient cyber defense strategy to be productive even when threatened. With this objective, we monitor 24/7 our clients’ infrastructures, detect variations, and defend possible attacks in real time. In addition, we carry out surveillance of the perimeter and internal operations to avoid gaps generated by the company itself.

We examine both IT infrastructure and information systems to get a complete view of our clients’ security levels. That is how we define a set of actions that must be carried out to correct the deviations found and ensure business continuity.

To avoid civil and criminal penalties, SII Concatel experts align the implementation and configuration of security systems with the different legal compliance to which the company is subject. We establish a safe environment through the implementation of security processes that avoid corporate criminal liability of companies.

We analyze what happened in an attack or violation of an information system to find out what its origin was, what type of information could have been stolen and what the attacker’s objective could be, establishing a protocol for ensuring the Chain of Custody of the electronic devices involved.

Why SII Concatel?

We are cybersecurity experts

  • We work every day to guarantee the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of the assets
  • Our cybersecurity team is specialized and highly qualified
  • We offer extensive experience in information security management
  • We act in all areas of the company: networks, applications, systems, devices
  • We always choose the main cybersecurity tools
  • We are committed to you

We drive innovation in companies around the world

Always with respect for our environment and our society, and thinking about the common good, we dedicate part of our activity to research and technological development, while participating in several of the most important European projects dedicated to R&D.

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