As part of our online communication strategy, the company is pleased to announce the launch of a new communication tool, with which we intend to contribute to the ICT community the knowledge acquired in different fields thanks to our experience.

This is Enjoy IT, the Company’s new external blog, through which we will channel all the content that, generated by expert professionals from our organization, we consider attractive and interesting for our 2.0 audience.

This blog was born to be a tool for communication, dialogue, learning and knowledge that reinforces SII Concatel’s commitment to excellence, talent and collaboration. We believe that shared knowledge is the only way to keep growing, to keep innovating, and to keep learning.

Through this space, we intend to share with our community a diversity of articles on innovation and technological trends, as well as reflections on the current state and impact of ICT throughout the world and in the sector’s job market.

Thus, this blog seeks to transmit the values ​​that make up the internal culture of our company, such as honesty, transparency and collaborative work.

We hope you like it!

logo new blog of sii concatel enjoy it