Enterprise Service Manager

With an Enterprise Service Manager (ESM) tool you can
reduce costs and increase the productivity of your
business by making your workflows more intelligent


IT Service Management

An ITSM solutions will allow you to manage your IT services thorough automated and optimized workflows to obtain the best results in the shortest time. Transform your company with the most innovate ITSM solution.

Workforce Management

Simplify employee service delivery with a Workforce Management solution. Offer your employees a single centre for the management of their needs with centralized to all the services and tools of collaborative work.

Integrated Workplace Management System

This IWMS solution is designed so that you can define and customize your own workflows. Manage the life cycle of your corporate facilities and provide your employees with the best experience through the digitalization and automation of IT processes.

Asset Management Solution

ASM solutions integrate with the main information systems in the market to facilitate the control of your business assets. Automate the lifecycle management of your assets, manage their maintenance and perform regular audits until their retirement and replacement.

Field Service Management

Transform the management of your field operations and increase the agility and efficiency of your technicians with a customized FSM solution. Bring intelligence to the programming, planning and monitoring of your field operations and improve the quality of your service.

Business Service Management

A Business Service Management solution allows you to manage your business processes holistically. Centralize all data, manage quality and identify new business opportunities through a single, visual and intuitive dashboard, with robust analytics that improve strategic decision making.


ESM Application

Improve your services

Bring intelligence to the management of all your business services.

Digitize your workflows

Streamline processes and take another step towards digital transformation.

Improve decision making

Use up-to-date and reliable data to take strategic decisions.

Increase productivity

Automate processes and achieve improvements in the performance of your business.

Increase user satisfaction

Group the management of your corporate services into a single dashboard.