Every day thousands of opinions are published through websites, blogs and social networks. All these individual contents, added together, create tendencies and collective reactions to events and news about specific topics, public figures, or institutions and companies.

The monitoring and analysis of database on publications are essential to take this pulse to the network and check the generalized view of users about a brand or event, in order to detect influencers or generators of opinion, to know in depth a sector and its different actors and even predict future situations and create strategic communication plans.

With the right tools to monitor and track online publications, public administrations can:

Improve corporate communication, creating content from listening.

Measure the digital popularity of a brand and compare it with any other.

Identify the key users and the main influencers in the conversation about a brand.

Measure the effectiveness of campaigns at the moment, as well as control reputational crisis.

Analyse the perception of users about the city or the town and the values associated with it.

Analyze the feeling of the opinions of the users regarding a brand.

SII Concatel & Websays: the best technological platform

Our partner in matters of active listening of database is Websays, a platform specialized in data monitoring, which combines the connection to the APIs of social networks and web crawling techniques.

The quality of the data collected and its relevance are verified by experts, which makes it a unique platform in its field. Many administrations have already successfully used Websays, thanks to its multiple functionalities to show citizen’s opinion in a comprehensive and relevant manner. SII Concatel designs a media project for monitoring and analyzing the personalized online conversation, tailored to each client needs.