We make available to our clientsservices related to Data Center management, based on hosting and management of your IT and communications systems.

Integral Service Management

We follow up on the service based on the established KPIs, KPMs and KPGs and manage SLAs (Service Level Agreements) through periodic monitoring with the client, always looking to offer the highest quality, minimizing costs.

Operation and monitoring services

Execution and supervision of tasks scheduled as backups or batch processes, based on a commitment to continuous monitoring of the service 24 x 7 x 365. In parallel, we carry out corrective, evolutionary and predictive maintenance of any type of Data Center.

Customer Service Center

We serve the user from a single point of contact for the resolution of tickets. For this, we have our own ticketing tool that is easily adapted to the management of any type of service and integrated with all types of Information Systems.

System Administration

We carry out the daily administration of the Data Center environment and the revolutionary maintenance of our clients’ platform, as well as the trend analysis, continuous improvement of the environment and thetechnical documentation and procedures work.
Specialized support in the following SAP areas:
Our technological coverage: