DocManager is a virtual Document Manager web access, with maximum usability and accessibility, that revolutionizes the complex process of document management to transform it into a simple question, looking for a practical and useful purpose from the perspective of the end user and the content administrator.

It establishes a rigorous control of access to information through the establishment of permits for different roles of end users.

It preserves and guarantees the documentation thanks to its historical archive, meeting the needs of the life cycle of any document.

The fact of having a 100% web access allows to have the information at any time and from any device, whether fixed or mobile.

Portal Framework DocManager is the ideal solution to establish a complete and rigorous Document Management, providing added value and more benefits thanks to the assimilation of the concepts of Knowledge Management and Document Intelligence.

Permit Management

It allows the creation of specific roles with different levels of access and different viewing possibilities, depending on the assignment of these roles to each of the users.

Workflows Management

The channeling of workflow processes makes it possible to have a validation system that ensures that the published contents are correct.

Validations Management

DocManager includes the possibility of establishing a workflow or specific validation chain for each document, folder or group of documents according to their level of criticality.


It allows both simple and advanced search of documents, with the possibility of filtering by any feature defined in the document and the ability to search also within the textual content of the documents.


It has a module for assigning tasks between users, as well as an instant communication channel between them.


Notices for the user informing him about the latest updates and pending tasks.


Possibility of snapshots of key documents keeping a version of them unchanged even though they are modified during their life cycle.


Visualization of information provided by users in order to create a collaborative and participatory online environment within the Web 2.0 trend.

Tags Navegation

The Tags or labels allow to adhere to each document or information one or several terms related to its content to facilitate both its organization and navigation within the Document Manager itself.

Documents Previewing

Online viewing of all published files regardless of their format and user computer software, and without downloading.

Digital Assets Management

It supports different types of formats depending on the characteristics of the file: text, image, video and/or audio.

Office Addin

It allows the edition of documents from any of the Microsoft Office Word, Excel and Powerpoint applications.