ServiceONE® is the Facility Management software developed by SII Concatel to respond to the needs of organizations in the field of Infrastructure Management and the Services they provide. Through its experience in implementing large organizations in various sectors of activity, ServiceONE® is today one of the solutions best adapted to the new needs of Facility Management on its way to digital transformation.

With an experience of implementation of more than ten years in large organizations and in different sectors of activity, the tool has a technological platform that allows the integration of all the agents that cover the management of the infrastructure and its services, dialoguing with the main computer solutions of the market (ERP’s, Databases, GIS, CAD, BIM, etc.) and in turn integrating the intelligent elements of the infrastructure into a single scorecard under a concept of service management based on its effectiveness and efficiency.

Integration with any type of device connected to the Internet of Things (IoT).
Virtual assistant with cognitive conversational experience, able to interact with humans.
Maximum optimization of infrastructures and services
Accessible solution 100% Web, without installation
Scalable solution (modular and parameterizable, without programming)
Creation of audits that ensure the quality of service
Integration of all users (customers and suppliers), with SLA/OLA control
SOA system architecture, open platform and standard
Process management, configurable flow design
Integrable with ERP, GIS, CAD and measuring equipment (SCADA, BMS)

ServiceONE® brings some capabilities that have been defined by Gartner as mandatory mandatory in the choice of a CAFM (Computer Aided Facility Management) tool, such as its integration capacity, the standard programming language and 100% web accessibility. In addition, ServiceONE® It has a specific mobility module called MobileONE, suitable for the main operating systems of the market.

Main functionalities of ServiceONE:

Catalog of services
Energy efficiency
Space management
Assets life cycle
Asset Management
Planimetries (GIS,
Mobility (MobileONE)