In SII Concatel we understand theIt Security to establish a secure data environment, in order to guarantee the availability, integrity, authenticity, confidentiality and non-repudiation of information assets. To achieve this, it establishes five main application levels:

Network Security

Secure transport of information through communication infrastructures. Management of firewalls, virtual networks, intrusion detection, wifi security, security in mobile devices and control of network traffic.

Access and Identity Management

Management of user profiles and protection of the mechanisms responsible for establishing permissions and monitoring access to local and remote systems and applications.

Systems security

Specific advice for technical users and system administrators on the application of protection measures in a centralized, preventive and reactive manner.

Security in Applications and Data

Security applied to both local storage systems and remote systems, with solutions such as encryption of information, establishment of security policies or backup copies.

Workplace protection

Protection of the user and his team against possible security incidents, including local environment, hardware and software; controlling updates and warning of possible threats.

All security services provided by SII Concatel are closely related to the application of security control policies established by the standard ISO/IEC 27.000. The different developments and developments of this series of standards form the basis of operation of a Information Security Management System (ISMS).

IT Security