The SAP consulting division of SII Concatel has carried out in its Bogaris client a pioneering project of SAP ERP intagration with the technology for the digitization in the Management of expenses and VAT recovery contributed by Tickelia, new partner of SII Concatel.

Bogaris, a company specialized in the promotion of large commercial, logistics and industrial areas under lease, with more than 800,000m2 of SBA developed and more than 30 years of experience in the sector, presented a project to SII Concatel whose objectives are oriented to:

  • Integrate at an accounting level and in a simple way, the Tickelia travel expenses management service with its SAP ERP business management system
  • Have the indicated integration in a certain time and manner and limited in time
  • The developments and tables included in the integration solution should not interfere with the rest of existing components in SAP, both SAP standards and other customized developments.

Tickelia, a unique solution for the automation of expense management and VAT recovery of a company, works through a mobile application of maximum usability and its goal is to simplify, control and automatically register tickets for travel and subsistence expenses. The entire cycle of expense management, from the report to the accounting, is integrated into the same environment. The integration of Tickelia with the SAP ERP tool of Bogaris has been carried out by the team of SAP consultants of SII Concatel in a packaged way, which can be parameterized to adapt to the needs of each client.

Said solution contemplates the reception of the files with the necessary information to post in SAP ERP all the tickets / expense notes, expense invoices and expense invoices of the VAT recovery process, coming from the solution for the management of travel expenses Tickelia, and has the following services included:

  • Making the programs and tables necessary for the execution of the process available to the client
  • Performance testing, in the development and test / quality environments
  • Explanation of the operation of the solution (training)
  • Support for the start-up of the solution (execution of two expense accounting processes)
infographic about the integration of sap erp with tickelia by sii concatel