On April 28th, International Girls in ICT Day is celebrated. A commemoration that was born in 2010 after being proposed by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). This day has the objective of promoting technological professions in girls and young women to reduce the digital gender gap.

The technology sector is the engine of the world economy and is experiencing a shortage in terms of lack of talent. Paradoxically, and despite the good employment opportunities offered by ICT, the presence of women is still insufficient. The new challenge is that new generations of women find their future option in the technology. And to find a first explanation for this phenomenon, we must ask ourselves what elements are essential to encourage girls’ interest in ICTs.

WomenIT in SII Concatel

They pave the way, set an example, fight and get where they want to go. She is Paloma, and she tells us about her history and her ICT references.