IT User Service Center

We are with you every day offering agile and
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Our main strengths

We have our own ticketing platform

We are experts in the resolution of first level tickets

We offer dedicated Helpdesk teams

We have a 100% cloud Virtual Control Unit system

Our CAU services

We have Technical Centers in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, and Palma equipped with the human and technological infrastructure necessary to carry out the remote operation of any type of dedicated CAU.

Likewise, we have the ability to implement, manage and operate in our clients’ premises, wherever their location is, with our staff or by training new teams.

We serve the user from a single point of contact for ticket resolution and quality control. For that purpose, we have ServiceONE, our own ticketing tool, which can be easily adapted to the management of any type of service, facilitates first-level resolution and offers a significant reduction in costs and response times.

In addition, we have a 100% Cloud Virtual Switchboard system, which easily integrates with the main solutions on the market.

For the resolution of incidents and services, we work with our own ticketing tool, which allows us to register incidents and detect repetitive problems and known errors, as well as standardize the support processes using ITIL as a reference framework. With ServiceONE we establish a direct link between end users and technical support teams to speed up service restoration.

We carry out continuous training plans, and we are specialized in the formation of Helpdesk teams dedicated to the first level incident resolution. We are experts in the selection of personnel, and offer agility in our hiring processes thanks to a team of experts that works every day to find the best professionals in the market.

Our ticketing platform

We use ServiceONE, our own platform for Service Management based on ITIL that is easily adapted to the management of any type of service and offers a significant reduction in costs and response times.

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Our complementary services

Workplace Management
Communications & IT Infrastructure
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