On November 3 and 4, a new edition of Day of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) took place organized by GrausTIC. This focused firstly on technology as the main idea of social and economic transformation. As sponsors of the event, we also actively participated in it, through our general manager Joan Carrillo, who was moderator of one of the round tables of the event.

Joan Carrillo, SII Concatel general manager, was the moderator of the round table titled “IOT: key to understanding innovation”, within framework of the ICT Day, whose common thread was technology as a main idea for economic and social transformation.

At the table, they talked about the future possibilities than open in front of us, both of administrations and companies, and for citizens, hand in hand with the IOT.

An unattainable range of possibilities to create, step by step, a hyperconnected world sustained by a previous and necessary industrialization of services. But this, also implies industrializing cybersecurity.

Within the debate, the endless possibilities offered by information technologies were raised, not only for optimizing resources in cities, or improving the quality of life of citizens, but also to anticipate the arrival of accidents, diseases, etc.

Technology cover right now each and every aspect of our lives, but it is still a very unknown universe. Thus, all the speakers agreed on a prevailing need:the previous industrialization of cybersecurity.

Derived from the productive debate that was generated during the afternoon of November 3 in this round table, it is concluded that the concept “Digital Corporate Social Responsibility” is essential to internalize, both by companies, administrations and users to reach the goal : a hyperconnected world and in which in turn we feel safe and protected.Therefore, the main goal is to work to achieve a good use of new technologies, building an inherent ethics in all of us.

In the round table, participated different companies, administrations and public organizations and provided an expert vision from each of the point of view.

From SII Concatel we want to thank Tomás Roy (Agència de Ciberseguretat de Catalunya), Paco Rodríguez (IMI), Lluís Ramírez (Diputació de Barcelona) and Pep Martí (Nearby Computing) their contribution and their involvement in the event.

We are proud that this edition has been as rewarding and productive as the previous one, and one more year, confirm faithful commitment with the world innovation and transformation through technology and we thank GrausTIC again for having made us participants in it.