Experience and international presence

We are experts in technology consulting, IT infrastructures and communications, we distribute our own and our partners’ products, and we develop our own products and technological solutions in more than 18 countries.

We work as a team

We are a team of more than 7,000 FUNgenieurs who enjoy working. A competitive team, cohesive, honest and supportive. A team that assumes new challenges every day and we get them. Because We always look to the future and do not give up.

We commit

We are a company where values ​​such as equality, fair treatment, commitment, companionship, respect and integrity are linked to the development of professional talent, flexibility, social benefits, training, dialogue and transparency.

Social conditions and benefits

You will have a flexible schedule of entry and exit for most of the staff, daycare ticket, restaurant and transportation, health insurance, hours of free disposal, training and possibility of promotion in the company.

Innovative projects and R & D

We believe in innovation and dedicate a part of our activity to a wide range of areas of research and technological development, while participating in several of the most important European projects important dedicated to R & D.

Social responsability

We are a sustainable company committed to the environment and we always act in favor of developing technologies that respect the environment. In addition, we contribute, through various solidarity projects, to the reduction of the digital divide.