During yesterday afternoon, the official presentation of ACFM, the Catalan Association of Facility Management, took place. An association that was born last November 2015 with the aim of spreading knowledge and publicizing this discipline and all that it implies.

Positive experiences and happiness for the user

The happiness and well-being of the user as the final objective of the discipline was the message that was transmitted during the event, through the interventions and talks of some of the most prominent professionals in the sector. Thus, the discipline was conceptualized as something that goes much more than the mere management of infrastructures and services. Therefore, it is understood as a passion through which happiness and comfort are brought to users of large infrastructures, from hospitals or prisons to office buildings.

Thus, the ACFM seeks to improve the competitiveness of its associates, give visibility to Facility Management and consolidate it as a common business practice. This purpose is structured through the promotion and dissemination of the models and benefits that are implicit and the training and knowledge in this same matter. The event had the active participation of Marc Sistach, (President of the Association and director of operations of Urbicsa), Francesc Sutrias (Director General of Patrimoni of the Generalitat de Catalunya), Agustín Abelaira (Director General Services at Barcelona City Council) and Luis Morejón (Senior Managing Director of CBRE).

More than 200 prominent representatives of the Facility Management sector attended the event, where the various aforementioned interventions were carried out, and later, a space with a small caterer was set up to give way to networking and conclude the event at the CaixaForum Auditorium in Barcelona.

The Catalan Association of Facility Management was born with the firm will to group all those professionals, companies or entities that, within their actions, offer, promote or develop any of the activities related to Facility Management in Catalonia to become a reference center with national and international recognition.