Last Friday, March 22, a conference was held in Barcelona, organized by Tecnitasa and hosted by Fundació La Caixa in Palau Macaya, aimed to address the present and future from different perspectives of the Real Estate Sector.

Under the title “The Valuation and the Real Estate”, the event was attended by prominent representatives in various fields related to the real estate sector and in particular with the scope of the appraisal. Joan Carrillo , General Director of SII Concatel, attended the event as a representative of the Technology sector. With his speech entitled “Digital Transformation in the Real Estate Sector”, he offered attendees a panoramic view of the present and future challenges of the sector in terms of digitization and use of the new technologies that the ICT sector makes available to this sector.

Throughout the day, the new mortgage law, omnichannel in the field of relationship with the user and the need to take advantage of the competitive advantages that ICT offer the sector, were some of the concepts that focused a debate marked by the high level of your speakers.

Blockchain , Big Data , Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things or calls Proptech; are some of the concepts that, according to Joan Carrillo, are impacting disruptively in the real estate sector and, specifically, in the field of valuation. In a sector with a low productivity compared to other technologically more developed sectors, Carrillo especially highlighted the need for real estate companies to face the challenges posed by the Digital Transformation.