Under this headline, the interview with Joan Carrillo and Óscar Caballero, General Director and Director of Consulting of SII Concatel, respectively, published last week in La Vanguardia.

Under the framework of the II Congrés de Govern Digital de Barcelona, ​​La Vanguardia published last week a monograph where the main technology companies in Catalonia, including SII Concatel, reflect on the Digital Transformation, and the changes and consequences that it It implies for companies and for society in general.

In this monograph, the Consulting Director of SII Concatel, Óscar Caballero, intervenes justifying that headline through a reflection on the concept of digital transformation:

“Nowadays, our increasingly digitized environment leads us to, almost naturally, when we talk about Transformation, we have to add the concept of“ Digital ”. Therefore, Digital Transformation is not a trend, but a reality; a reality favored by a population increasingly accustomed to technology. Thus, Digitization has come to stay and all Transformation must bear it in mind. Therefore, the Digital Transformation of any organization is a mechanism to efficiently face the changes inherent in its activity. The use of technology favors the execution of innovative processes to better understand customer needs.”

Subsequently, the General Director of SII Concatel, Joan Carrillo, focuses his intervention on the digital transformation processes and the consequences that these can bring if they are not dealt with optimally and effectively. In this sense, it ensures that the main risk of an organization facing a digital transformation process is being late.

“Spending so much time designing that transformation and undertaking a project so complex and so expensive that the benefits for users are diluted by waiting, and all this without underestimating the fact that the very desired transformation is made obsolete by the high rate of technology innovation. In our opinion, not only must an organization be digitally transformed, but it must be done in such a way that the recipients of this change perceive it from the beginning of the project, giving them tangible benefits and constant steps towards digitization.”

joan carrillo and oscar caballero interview sii concatel