SII Concatel is at the forefront of technology at the hands of artificial intelligence. The integration of IBM Watson with ServiceONE®, its infrastructure and services management software, allows companies to take a giant step forward in optimizing customer service processes.

In order to improve the services offered by ServiceONE® , the integration of IBM Watson technology means moving from automation to intelligence in terms of customer service. , becoming an ideal solution for transforming data into information, understanding it and learning from it. 

It’s about cognitive technology able to understand, learn, reason and interact with humans in self-service mode, adapting to the needs of each business. This virtual agent is able to serve the user 24 hours a day, every day of the year and act on its own , leaving the tasks of added value for humans.

The integration with a specific solution endowed with Artificial Intelligence for virtual attention represents a step beyond ServiceONE in its goal of providing maximum value to organizations and staying as one of the reference proposals of the technological market dedicated to Facility Management.

‘IBM Watson manages to interact in a similar way as people do, being able to answer complex questions in a few seconds from its advanced ability to analyze large amounts of data. When faced with a question, he formulates hypotheses and chooses the answer in which he has the highest level of confidence, presenting his reasoning ‘.

The benefits of this service integrated in ServiceONE® are varied, assuming a significant reduction in support costs. The virtual agent manages the interactions with the client in the first level of incidents, thus improving user satisfaction thanks to the decrease in response time. 

The data resulting from the interaction between the users and the virtual agent IBM Watson offer enormous possibilities through advanced analytics, being able to apply the results in a continuous improvement of the quality of attention. 

SII Concatel, official sponsor of the "IoT Solutions in Facility Managament" event, organized by ACFM
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