Today, Friday, September 25, we celebrate the fifth anniversary since the United Nations approved the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which is deployed through 17 Goals.

Throughout these five years, various organizations, administrations, governments and also companies have aligned the Sustainable Development Goals with their policies, have undertaken specific actions, measures and initiatives, reaching a large number of communities and stakeholders.

The fact that the private sector takes pride in these objectives and integrates them into its policies and practices is undoubtedly a key point for their effective achievement. In this way, the SDGs cease to be simply a political issue and become an idiosyncratic issue in our society.

At SII Concatel, aware of the role we play as a global company in the provision of technological services, we are committed to the 2030 Agenda and always act in favor of the development of technologies that are respectful of the environment and society.

Under this premise, we align ourselves with the Sustainable Development Goals, and we make sure that all those organizations, agencies and people who, in one way or another are involved in our business activity, comply with and respect these principles and forms of action. By our nature, we are strong and influential in some of them, those for whom we actively work and to whose achievement we contribute through our activity and through the CSR initiatives we carry out.

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Our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals

  • #SDG3 – Health & well-being
  • #SDG5 – Gender equality
  • #SDG8 – Decent work and economic growth
  • #SDG9 – Industry, innovation, and infrastructure
  • #SDG10 – Reduction of inequalities
  • #SDG13 – Climate action
  • #SDG14 – Life below water

Our goal is to achieve, through technology, the development of a more just, sustainable, inclusive, egalitarian, and respectful society.