Manage the organizational restrictions derived from Covid-19, act preventively, avoiding contagion between employees and clients and guaranteeing their health, manage teleworking teams and ensure compliance with regulations in all face-to-face work activities at a reasonable cost. 

As long as we can’t defeat the virus, let’s limit its impact. 

Still not adapted? Guarantee safe and protected spaces with CovidONE, the definitive technological solution for companies.

Companies must reinvent their workspaces to permanently adapt to a new reality that has come to stay. Because, while it is true that there is some uncertainty about how the pandemic will evolve and about its impact on the world economy, there is also a certainty and that is that safety and prevention have moved to the forefront.

To guarantee business continuity, companies must build trustworthy spaces and opt for safe and healthy facilities. Digitization and automation, therefore, have become essential in this new stage. A stage in which only technology can guarantee strict compliance with regulations and ensure the protection of employees, customers and suppliers at any time.

Technology to deal with Covid-19

  • Do your employees feel that they are safe in their job?
  • Are you putting their health at risk? And your client’s health?
  • Can you prove that your protection measures are the most appropriate?
  • Are you able to guarantee the safety distance at any time?
  • Do you have absolute control over access to your facilities?
  • Do you strictly comply with current regulations and prevention plans?
  • Do you have the ability to react quickly to any change in the regulations?

CovidONE: Create safe spaces to protect your employees, your clients, and your company

CovidONE is SII Concatel’s comprehensive solution with which you can deal with Covid-19, comply with current regulations, and guarantee the protection of your employees, your customers and your own company.

It is a low-cost, easy-to-implement solution that integrates with the main systems on the market and provides traceability to all movements through automated processes. It is intuitive, usable, and scalable and offers specific modules for the management of extraordinary measures associated with Covid-19. This solution is fully customizable and adapts to any type of company through flexible models.

Whether from a computer, tablet, or smartphone, CovidONE covers the needs of all the agents involved and offers its own management environment for each type of user.

With CovidONE it is possible to turn the workspace into a safe place where socializing does not pose a risk to health.

Still not adapted? CovidONE makes it easier

covidone capabilities and benefits

Safety distance

A few clicks are enough to book workspaces and generate notifications that alert the employee when they have been released and can be requested. CovidONE allows controlling the density of employees present in the facilities and guaranteeing the maintenance of safety distances through the following functionalities:

  • Workplace, meeting rooms and common areas’ reservation
  • Shift scheduling
  • Office occupational map in real time

In addition, this solution allows the traceability of infections and facilitates an early detection of affected employees and clients.

Hygienic and sanitary measures

CovidONE monitors the health status of all employees and makes forecasts about the number of users present in the facilities. Thus, the company can optimize resources, focusing disinfection tasks on the spaces most used by employees and guaranteeing the supply of PPEs.

  • Health status control: allows you to carry out health checks and surveys on a daily basis, and activate alerts if an employee’s body temperature exceeds 37 degrees. In addition, it generates personalized reports to detect as soon as possible any deviation in the well-being indicators.
  • PPEs management: it allows to control the availability of prevention material such as gloves, disinfectant gels or masks, and to design the replacement, distribution and purchase process, adjusting it to the needs of the company.
  • Sanitation of spaces: allows planning and monitoring of disinfection tasks to ensure compliance with the established protocol.

Security measures

CovidONE comprehensively monitors and analyzes the entrances and exits of personnel, integrating with thermal imaging cameras and other access control systems to ensure that no one with symptoms is accessing the facility.

  • Access control: enable control mechanisms at the entrances by incorporating body temperature measurement systems that offer results at the moment.
  • Control of visits and clients: manage access to the facilities through an authorization system by appointment, thus avoiding crowds and guaranteeing social distancing measures.
  • Permit requests: Manage in an agile way requests for access and travel permits thanks to the automation of the approval processes and the sending of the pertinent documentation.


To successfully tackle a productive and safe teleworking project, CovidONE also contemplates remote team management. In this way, it facilitates remote work so that employees are productive wherever and whenever.

  • Resolution of ticket and service delivery requests
  • Integration with time control systems
  • Use of alerts to ensure optimal control of employee entry and exit
  • Assignment of work orders and monitoring of the evolution of each activity

Real-time information

With CovidONE it is possible to track all managed services in real time. For this, the solution provides the manager with a customizable dashboard that offers greater visibility and supports decision-making.

CovidONE makes the employee-company communication closer and keeps all users up to date through the smartphone, informing them about the new extraordinary measures approved by the company or about any other decision that affects them.

CovidONE is a comprehensive solution designed by SII Concatel, a company specialized in Information Technology with more than 20 years of experience in creation , development and provision of IT services and solutions. As part of the French multinational SII Group, present in 18 countries and with more than 10,000 professionals around the world, SII Concatel responds to all types of industries and sectors through 360º technological services and solutions, offering a comprehensive value proposition to face transformation and innovation challenges. More information about CovidONE.