The positive dynamic of the SII Group fiscal year 2019/2020 continues to strengthen. In this third quarter, the SII Group has grown a 6.3%  over the same period of the previous year. This is equivalent to 173.56 million euros.


The firmness with which the results continue to grow brings to light the professionalism and the technological experience from the SII Group and the trust which the stakeholders put in it. This has been reflected in the revenue rise produced between the three quarters of this period: 499.46 million euros. This means it has increased an 8.9% in relation to the previous year (2018/2019).

*excluding acquisitions and the effect of exchange rates (2018-2019 exchange rates applied to 2019-2020 revenue)

In France there has been a 258.43 million euros revenue, an increase of 4.3%. From this total, 89.23 million euros come from the third quarter. Although this term’s profit has slightly decreased because of the business environment and social-political reasons (-0,7%), this year’s prospect hasn’t changed.

In the international range, the SII Group has recorded 241.03 million euros between the three quarters, a 14,2% more than in the last fiscal year. According to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the SII Group, Eric Matteucci, this success is possible thanks to the geographic diversification strategy, which is mainly seen in Poland (+24,4%), Romania (+30,6%), Chile (+35,0%), Morocco (+19,7%) and Colombia (+14,7%).

This year’s goals have been defined based on the results collected until the third quarter: a total of between 685 and 695 million euros (a growth between 8,5% and 10%). Due to the prevailing growing tendency, Matteucci believes that we’ll be able to accomplish the objectives established for this year.



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