ServiceONE ESM has passed the Oqotech audit for the GxP & ITIL Compliance Tool standards, and therefore becomes a quality guarantee for companies in the chemical-pharmaceutical, cosmetic, veterinary laboratories, medical devices, clinical trials and food industries. With this, ServiceONE demonstrates its firm commitment to quality as an Enterprise Service Management Tool.

The Enterprise Service Management ServiceONE  platform is already compatible with the GxP regulations, an acronym that refers to good quality practices applicable to the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, veterinary laboratories, medical devices, clinical trials and food industries.

In this case, the “x” represents the various sectoral and competency fields of application: GLP (Good Laboratory Practices), GCP (Good Clinical Practices), GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and GDP (Good Distribution Practices). GxP quality guidelines ensure that food and medical products are safe for consumers, meet their intended use, and ensure the integrity of the data used. This implies that companies regulated by GxP need the computer systems and software they use to be developed, validated and operated in a way that complies with good clinical, laboratory and manufacturing practices.

ServiceONE ESM es ahora GXP Compliance tool, para sector Health & Pharma

ServiceONE is now a GXP software

Compliance with the GxP regulations by ServiceONE guarantees the highest quality of this in all companies that belong to the Life & Science sector, since it complies with the regulated aspects of research, clinical trial, maintenance, manufacturing and distribution of products and services.

Thus, ServiceONE has been developed based on these quality standards, and uses processes designed to comply with both the GxP and the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration). In this way, the qualification as GxP software makes ServiceONE an ideal software for the industries of these sectors, both in the national and international markets.

ServiceONE is the most complete Enterprise Service Manager (ESM) on the market and offers specific solutions for the intelligent management of services, assets and spaces of an organization. It allows you to create personalized workflows and automate processes, integrating with IOT, Artificial Intelligence and with the main standard solutions on the market.