The general director of SII Concatel, Joan Carrillo, together with other members of ACEC, conveyed the demands of the IT sector to the Parliament of Catalonia.

Joan Carrillo, CEO of SII Concatel, attended the Catalan Parliament together with other members of the Catalan Association of Consulting Companies (ACEC) to convey the concerns of the consulting sector to the parliamentary groups of the chamber. The meeting, which was attended by executives such as Susana Prado, CEO of Inetum, Anna Forment, Director of Public Sector and Health of NTT DATA, and Jordi Marín, CEO of ACEC, was supported by Foment del Treball.

The aim of the meeting was to highlight the value of the consultancy sector and its importance in the Catalan GDP, being a link of knowledge between many other business sectors. In this sense, we were also able to share the concerns and needs of the IT sector with the Catalan political groups.

Thus, we were able to convey our concern about the lack of talent in a growing sector such as consulting. For this reason, we insisted to the groups on the need to recognise the consultant’s work so that their position in the labour market is at the same level as their knowledge.

From SII Concatel, together with the other consultants of the ACEC, we will continue to work to establish measures that will benefit the attraction of talent and the growth of the consulting sector. On the other hand, we are satisfied with a meeting in which we were able to establish constant communication links, with the aim of contributing our value in future legislative processes.