Last Tuesday the inauguration ceremony of Apadrina TIC was held, an initiative led by CTECNO and of which SII Concatel is a part. This initiative has two main objectives: on the one hand, it aims to help technology students affected by the Covid-19 crisis through a scholarship program, and on the other, to introduce them to the world of work through a program of mentoring by professionals in the sector. 

As a company committed to technology and society, and within our framework of Social Responsibility, we have joined the solidarity campaign #ApadrinaTIC that seeks to help students affected by the Covid-19 crisis. The program, promoted by CTECNO, seeks to help students affected by the Covid-19 crisis through scholarships and a mentoring program leaded by experts.

In this first edition, 17 students from different technology careers will participate, who will have the opportunity to get in touch with mentors from some of the main companies in the technology sector in Catalonia, including SII Concatel.

videocall meeting of the event

The event, which was held last Tuesday, March 2, began with a welcome by Joan Ramon Barrera, president of CTecno, to all attendees and participants in the project:

“We have all worked hard and we are very excited.”

Next, Rosa María Rodríguez, patron of CTecno and head of the ApadrinaTIC project, took part and presented the project in detail, stating what the main objectives are, as well as sharing the schedule of activities planned for the coming months. Finally, a round of questions that ended an interesting and productive event, took place.

At SII Concatel we hope that our collaboration will help these students to continue studying and to make their way in the exciting world of ICT.