Last Thursday, April 4th, SII Concatel joined the celebration of the Fun at Work Day. The employees of the different offices of the company enjoyed aperitifs and natural fruit during the whole day, thus celebrating the spirit FUNGENIEUR of the company.

The Fun Day at Work Day , is a holiday that aims to value the importance of fun in the workplace. Numerous studies affirm that humor is capable ofreducing stress in the office, increase employee motivation, cohesive teams, making them more productive, and generating a good work environment.

This day began to be held in 1996, with the anniversary scheduled for April 1st (if it is a holiday, it is celebrated on the first Thursday of April). In Spain, Humor in Positive, the spanish consultancy specialized in the application of the humor in the work, is the official promoter of this celebration. Every year this consultancy organizes an action to vindicate the numerous benefits derived from fun in the workplace.

In SII Concatel we thought it appropriate to join this festivity, which is increasingly welcomed in our country, thus celebrating the spirit of our employees,the FUNgenieur spirit.

We pride ourselves on having employees who know how to have fun at work and outside of it forming a competitive, cohesive and creative team. A team that enjoys working, has fun and knows how to celebrate their achievements with joy and happiness.