At SII Concatel, we continue to promote digital talent with the help of Barcelona Digital Talent. This July we attended the Sónar+D Speed Dating, where more than 30 companies participated, and 350 interviews were conducted with more than 100 candidates.

On July 19, the SII Concatel team participated in the Sónar+D Speed Dating, a space shared between recruiters and candidates to find the best digital talent in the city. In this express format of 20-minute interviews, companies in the innovation sector have carried out a first contact with more than 100 profiles specialized in technologies such as Java or SAP, and with knowledge associated with BI, Big Data or UX.

The initiative stems from the impulse of new technologies and, above all, from the need of the digital ecosystem to meet the demand for ICT professionals. This is a new opportunity for emerging talent to meet companies in the sector with the aim of boosting the digital career of new professionals and helping the sector discover profiles with the digital skills it needs.

Driven by Barcelona Digital Talent, the Sónar+D Speed Dating wants to position the city of Barcelona as a digital talent hub to retain ICT talent, facilitate the attraction of international profiles and thus reduce the talent gap of the technological sector.

sii concatel attends the barcelona digital talent