On September 28, IFS held an event in Madrid focused on the importance of the role played by its clients and partners, including SII Concatel, in the digital transformation of Spanish companies. A recognition to those who consider true heroes. Hence, he decided to call the event ‘The League of Digital Heroes’.

Because that’s how IFS considers us: heroes. Heroes who help Spanish companies, whatever their size, to successfully face their digital transformation. The event hosted nearly 200 attendees, who had time for everything: to know the state of the market, to learn in a practical way how the application of IFS solutions helps companies to transform, and to have a good time in charge of a group of improvisers.

As you already know, SII Concatel has an important network of agreements and alliances with some of the leading companies in the technology sector, including IFS, a leading company in the development and supply of corporate software for Business Resource Planning (ERP) , Business Asset Management (EAM) and Business Service Management (ESM).

The event was opened by the commercial director of the firm, Miguel Ángel Gallardo, and continued with interesting presentations and debates where both IFS clients and partners participated, including SII Concatel, through the representation of our colleague Jose Luis González, who presented the company’s vision on digital transformation and the need for them to undertake it as soon as possible.