SII Concatel collaborates once again with the educational project Campus 42 of the Telefónica Foundation by participating in a Speed Dating workshop with students of the institution. In this way, we contribute to the professional and labour development of new talent in the IT sector.

Members of the People department of SII Concatel were in charge of sharing the keys to face a job interview and offered some tips to take into account to achieve success in these interviews.

This was followed by an individual speed dating role-playing session in which Telefónica Campus 42 students had a 5-7 minute interview with our experts.

Following their advice and recommendations, the students had to face a hypothetical job interview, in which they worked on their capacity for synthesis, personal and professional knowledge and their communication skills. Once the interviews were over, an assessment was made and conclusions were drawn jointly.

In this way, SII Concatel is once again committed to accompanying and helping people who are in the process of looking for new opportunities and who want to make their way in the IT world.

What’s Campus 42?

Campus 42 is an educational institution of Fundación Telefónica that trains digital profiles through technological studies covering fields such as cybersecurity, programming, artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data and soft skills, such as communication, leadership and teamwork.

It offers a pioneering and innovative pedagogical model based on peer-to-peer learning and gamification, which consists of different personalised learning experiences.

To be able to study at 42 you must be over 18 years old and pass a probationary period. This consists of passing two online skills tests that give access to enrolment in one of the ‘pools‘ of the chosen campus, a challenge of 26 consecutive days on campus, in person, which serves as the final step in the academy’s selection process.

Campus 42 has an international network of 36 campuses, with a presence in Spain in Madrid, Urduliz (Bizkaia), Barcelona and Malaga.