SII Concatel has participated, for the second consecutive year, in Apadrina TIC, a scholarship program aimed at helping undergraduate students in the field of information technologies economically affected by Covid-19.

The second edition of this initiative, led by CTECNO, will consist of a scholarship program endowed with a budget of 30.000 euros, 23% more than in the first edition, and which has been contributed by the partner companies, among which is SII Concatel with the aim of helping to train future IT talent.

The call is aimed at students affected by the Covid-19 pandemic who enrol in a university degree in the field of information technologies, students who need help to cover the expenses of the credits for seconds and successive times, and students who are in the last year of their degree and who want to enter the mentoring program supervised by professionals from the collaborating technology companies, among which is SII Concatel.

The forecast is to reach about 50 students with the financial and mentoring support of the ApadrinaTIC , scholarship program, where several of our employees will participate.

Thus, SII Concatel seeks, though participation in this program, to reinforce its commitment to IT talent.

apadrinaTIC second edition oscar caballero SII Concatel