SII Concatel has attended the IV CTecno Conference as a partner company of the foundation. Technology at the service of retail, the empowerment of the consumer or the future of shops and cities are some of the issues we have found at the center of the debate.

On Thursday, January 31, the 4th CTecno Conference took place in the Auditorium of the Disseny Hub of Barcelona. Under the title “Innovation in the world of retail: the shopping experience and business transformation“, this year’s meeting has reflected on the impact and opportunities that digital technologies offer to businesses. During the event, organized by the Cercle Tecnològic de Catalunya, conferences and round tables have taken place that have fostered the dialogue between front-line members of the ICT sector.

At 10 o’clock in the morning, the ceremony was started with the warm welcome of the journalist Eva Arderius and with the institutional presentation by Joan Ramon Barrera, vice president of CTecno.

Next, the expert in commercial strategies and brand creation, José Luís Nueno, delivered a presentation on the retail of the future. “Everything is based on demography,” explained Nueno, who reminds us that “we must attract millennials to our stores“. At the same time, he has predicted that the product will no longer be the motivator of purchase and that businesses should make an effort to understand how their consumers’ lives have changed.

After the conference, a moderated debate was opened by the director of the Retail and Brand Experience World Congress (RBEWC), Alba Batiste, where various personalities of the sector have participated. Among them, Xavier Mas, marketing director of CaixaBank, who explained how the company has changed its business model betting on the customer experience. “We have to generate a community and we do it through topics that interest millennials, we create physical experiences to create engagement about our digital services“.

As a representative of the transformation of retail banking, Mas has emphasized the paradigm shift that puts the consumer at the center of everything. The client looks for new formats in the usual companies, but through the channels that he already knows. It is the companies that must adapt to the channels known by their customers. In this sense, it is no longer enough to have “a satisfied consumer, but we must aspire to have a fan”.

In turn, for the financial director of BonPreu and responsible for the group’s online service, Pere Anglada, “the customer’s experience is based on quality, service and price” and it is important to meet their expectations.

The current trade must work digitalization, omnichannel and continuously adapt to new formats. On the part of the City Council of Barcelona, Guillem Vallejos has highlighted the different needs of the companies. Different needs, different rhythms, different solutions. The Digital Transformation, although necessary, will not be the same for all organizations. Technology is a very powerful tool, but it is important to know how to use the information it provides.

Finally, Jordi William Carnes, president of CTecno, was in charge of delivering the closing speech of the meeting. “We have the technology, but we have to learn to put a soul in it. We live in the first world of the first world and we must take advantage of the experience to be innovative and generous. “