Capturfy is the first industrial system in the world dedicated to the comprehensive production of visual content for ecommerce platforms, designed to respond to all the demands of the main players in a sector that evolves and grows exponentially.

Today there is no doubt about the capabilities and exponential growth of electronic commerce, to such an extent that some services outperform traditional commerce. The user experience is a crucial element in the online purchasing process, and within this experience, offering the greatest and best visual information of the products is a definitive factor when it comes to achieving a good experience and consolidating any sales process.

The visual description of a product must be made with a high level of quality, since it is demonstrated that the image of a product prepared correctly to be photographed, and in which the details have been taken care of, sells much more and more quickly than a poorly executed image In the same way, and in order to improve the user experience, a sales platform must achieve homogenize the presentation of the images that accompany a product or family of products . At present, there are many “classic” photographic studios that carry out these activities with difficulties, both in terms of space and image processing, since all the tasks are carried out manually, assuming a very high consumption of time and an increase of costs and that make it impossible to achieve a homogeneous visualization over time of a range of products.

In response to market demand for an ecommerce image provision service created specifically to respond to ITS needs, SII Concatel has taken to the market Capturfy, the result of five years of research and development by a mixed team consisting of robotics experts, software development engineers, eCommerce production experts and, of course, professionals from the world of image and photography.

It is a modular, comprehensive and scalable hardware and software platform that allows you to complete the whole production of visual content for eCommerce in a completely industrialized way. The entire process is automated, from the moment the product enters until it leaves, designed to deal with large volumes of production in the shortest time possible.

Designed specifically to meet the needs of ecommerce, Capturfy leaves behind the classic model of photographic studio in which the photographed process is manual and much slower and more expensive. Thanks to this, it allows to return in a short time the investment made, thanks to the automation of processes and savings in all those human and material costs of the “classic” study. Any properly trained person working in a production center Capturfy is able to get images.