CALEIS (Common Adaptive Learning Environment for the Industrial Sector) is an R & D project recently awarded with the Eureka European seal, led by SII Concatel, together with the Spanish SMEs Patrich Technology SL and the Austrian Bit Media e-solutions Ltd.

The project, which will begin in July 2017, is focused on generating an integrated learning environment based on existing open standards, which seeks to respond to the extreme demand by companies to provide new knowledge to the work force, within a challenging and constantly changing context such as the current one.

During the implementation of the project, different research and development activities will take place in specific domains: software architecture, learning models, composition of DLOs, Business Intelligence / data analysis, and virtual reality, as well as in the automatic aggregation of content, with the objective of responding to identified needs.

CALEIS will be tested as an integrated, multimodal, cross-platform solution in two demonstration scenarios, within the industrial sector. Thus, SII Concatel continues to focus on research and development, working together with other companies to launch projects that will contribute to a global improvement of all types of organizations, responding to the challenges that emerge from a social context in constant change.

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