The increasing connectivity, significance of software-defined functionality and penetration of electronics and software into all facets of our lives result in a society that is becoming dependent on smart devices that are part of and form interconnected Systems of Systems. Based on this basis, the Internet of DevOps project focuses on research and development for the application of this methodology when managing this interconnected future.

SII Concatel, under the coordination of Eureka and together with twelve other leading institutions in the technological field academic and business at European level, brings to this project its experience in the use and development of the DevOps methodology, especially in the development of specific aspects associated with its application in CPS systems of the e-Health area.

Focused as a multi-sectoral project, the DevOps project started last December 2018 and has an estimated end date of December 2021, with an allocated budget of more than 9.5 million euros. The technical innovations of the project will be demonstrated in examples of systems in key application domains, from telecommunications and 5G networks to the automotive industry, including consumer electronics, aerospace and defense, automation and digitization industries, IoT, eHealth and digital marketing.

Regarding the participation of SII Concatel and specifically the implementation of the DevOps methodology in the field of eHealth , the results of this research will be very useful in this sector. Due to the markedly increasing trend of technological demand in the field of sanitation due to aging and population growth and the growing interest in wellness consumption, it is essential to face the technological challenge, supporting to the accelerated process of development and innovation that the market poses.