For the ninth year in a row, CTecno has brought to light its Barometer of the Technological Sector in Catalonia. A study on the evolution of the ICT sector in Catalonia that has become a reference document for its comprehensive analysis of the ICT companies situation, its evolution in recent years and its predictions for the future.

Promoted by the Cercle Tecnològic de Catalunya (CTecno), carried out by the consultancy NAE and developed with the collaboration of Barcelona Activa (Ayuntamiento de Barcerlona) and the Departamento de la Presidencia (Generalitat de Cataluña), this Barometer provides a very precise radiograph on the reality of the ICT sector in Catalonia. In addition, it records in fourth to number of organizations participating (more than 1000) and includes two new Focus Group, one about Training and another about Start Ups.

Thanks to our status as partner of CTecno, SII Concatel has participated in the study as part of one of the Focus Groups, along with other leading companies in the ICT Sector, through the presence of Óscar Caballero, Manager of SII Concatel’s Consultancy Area, which was also present at the Barometer’s presentation event celebrated on 13 July in Barcelona.

The study provides a series of data that offer a comprehensive and descriptive overview of both the current situation of the sector and its trends. Among all these data, the following stand out:

  • The current perception of the main agents on the state of the sector is moderately positive (6.6 out of 10) and maintains valuation levels reached after years of economic crisis.
  • Supply and demand begin to converge and this is translated to the emergence of companies that no longer have a clear determination of their position in the market.
  • Digitization is reaching the core of business and this implies the need for more ICT professionals in all sectors.
  • The competition for ICT talent contributes to the increase in salaries which, taking into account that the price is one of the purchasing criteria mainly considered by the demand, reverts in a forced reduction of the margins.
  • The current technological context generates a new paradigm and modifies the traditional structure of business models. This new paradigm transforms customers into creators, giving rise to the new role of ‘prosumer’ and increasing the complexity of the value chain of the traditional company.

In short, the ICT sector in Catalonia, where SII Concatel plays a leading role, presents a changing situation where supply and demand converge in many aspects, including the dispute over talent. It will be necessary, therefore, an exchange of talent between the different agents of the Catalan ICT business to improve both communication between market players and the position of supply in the value chain.