SII Concatel took part again in Tickelia’s Techological Breakfast, this time in Madrid, with the talk of José Luís González, Territorial Director from SII Concatel (East Zone). The event took place on Wednesday 23rd of October and it was about the digitalization of corporate processes and the possibilities that mobile technology offers in this field.

On Wednesday 23rd of October, our partner Tickelia organized an event in Madrid which, like the one celebrated in Barcelona last week, aimed to address the benefits of the mobile digitalization and the automation of a company’s corporate processes. With the name “Mobile digitalization in the corporate processes”, there were introduced different solutions and working methods for an efficient management of expense notes, spaces, and workforce of a company, offered by prominent representatives of the technology sector.

José Luís González, Territorial Director from SII Concatel (East Zone) attended as a company representative. With his presentation “The time has come to mobilize with SAP”, he offered the attendees a functional vision of SAPUI5 and the integration of the tool Tickelia with SAP ERP. This solution, created together, integrates the cost management service with ERP of SAP, in a packetized and parametrizable manner, and has been developed to offer the best user experience. This way, it automates all the entire cycle of expense management from the report to the accounting, in the same responsive environment that adapts to any device.

Thanks to Tickelia’s Technological Breakfast, SII Concatel and other companies have shared knowledge and we hope we can be a part of other events like this one again.

josé luis gonzález at tickelia madrid's technological breakfast