Next Tuesday, 14th November, the Catalan Association of Facility Management (ACFM) will hold the event: ‘IoT Solutions in Facility Management’, emphasizing the role played by the Internet of Things in that field.

SII CONCATEL , active Association member, will participate as an event sponsor, which will take place at 18:50 at the Roca Barcelona Gallery.

The Catalan Association of Facility Management, founded in 2015, aims to bring together all those professionals and companies that interact in some way with the Facility Management in Catalonia. Its purpose is to improve the competitiveness of the associates, giving visibility to the Facility Management and consolidating it as a regular business practice. The Association offers activities to all its members and training in the field.

Miguel Nogué, Cofounder and Director of Engineering and Innovation at SII CONCATEL, will participate in the event with the conference: ‘The IT Vision – IoT in the Facility Management field: A new digital transformation’.

Nogué was the ideologist of the Smart Solution for Facility Management ServiceONE®, focused on responding to the client’s needs regarding the management of company equipment. ServiceONE is a software that allows to manage infrastructures and services, customizable and innovative. This software transforms data into information making easier take effective decisions.

During the event, many Facility Management experts will contribute with their experience, such as Marc Sistach, President of the Association; Mª del Mar Romero, Manager and Founder of INDOORCLIMA; Joan Casals, Managing Partner of SPORT LES CORTS or Xavier Pi, Coordinator of the Industry Commission 4.0 of the EIC.

All attendees will be able to join the Networking space to get to know each other and identify new business opportunities. The event will be the best moment to debate in a relaxed environment, and to progress further towards the better understanding of Facility Management.

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