Conferences, round tables and news from the ICT sector. For yet another year, CosmoCaixa has hosted the Telecommunications Day in Catalonia, one of the most important events in the sector, which has brought together more than a thousand professionals. This year he has focused on reinventing the industry in the face of an increasingly digitized society.

In the program, after the opening conference and before the keynote presentation, 5 parallel debate sessions have been held where relevant issues for industry and society have been debated.

Joan Carrillo, General Director of SII Concatel has actively participated in one of the round tables, where Artificial Intelligence and Big Data have been debated. Thus, the colloquium has focused on the fact that the path that begins with the collection of data, its transformation into information and, later, into knowledge, is allowing the emergence of new business, organizational and relational models, either at the business, institutional or individual level.

Thus, during the debate, questions related to data security have arisen, with the potential market niches that still remain to be exploited to achieve a complete integration of ICT in society, and ethical questions related to the potential of artificial intelligence and the ethical limits that should be imposed on it.

For all this, it has been concluded that the digital transformation process that we are experiencing is only the beginning of great changes, which undoubtedly affect and will affect society in the broadest sense of the word (citizens, companies, administrations, etc. ).

Special Mention for SII Concatel in the Excellence Awards

The Telecommunications Day, during its eighth edition, has hosted the awards ceremony for the

In this sense, SII Concatel has received a special mention thanks to one of its most cutting-edge projects, WIO.

WIO (Web Image Outsourcing) is a project for the digital transformation of the traditional model of product photography for ecommerce, through robotization and automation of processes.
With this, WIO has systematized the production of product photographs, achieving perfect results in terms of quality and homogeneity through an automated capture system that reduces human error to practically 0%.

Thus, WIO has been able to reduce the costs in human and material resources related to the creativity of one of the main multinational ecommerce companies, which today has more than 24 million customers and 10 million downloads of its app to through innovation.
Thus, SII Concatel wants to congratulate the other participants and winners and express its commitment to dissemination and innovation as a basis for a better future.

miquel nogué from sii concatel at the diada tic gala