SII Concatel sponsors, for the fifth consecutive year, the Diada TIC, focused this year on “Metaverse and new realities”. In addition, we have actively participated by moderating one of the round tables organised.

SII Concatel has been present again at the Information and Communication Technologies Diada 2022, organised by the GrausTic Association, which has once again positioned itself as one of the most important events in the sector.

This year it welcomed more than 1,000 participants and professionals who reflected on the evolution of the concept of the Metaverse and new realities, such as Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality.

All this through multiple conferences and round tables that covered the different areas and novelties that these new platforms and technologies may offer in the future.

We discussed the concept of Metaverse, its need in society and its impact on sustainability, the factor it will play in fields such as Administration, Education, Urban Planning, Medicine and Health or E-Sports and Gaming; as well as its legal dimension and the footprint it will leave on companies and new business models. Undoubtedly, we are talking about something disruptive that could change the relationship we have with technology.

At SII Concatel, we also actively participated in the day by moderating the 7th round table “Metaverse and technology” which included specialists from the sector and focused on the relationship between the metaverse, technology and its relationship with 5G, MEC, CIBER, VR&MR, INFRA, among others.

An edition as enriching and productive as the previous ones, in which SII Concatel has ratified its commitment to innovation and the transformation of the world through technology.