SII Concatel participates in the European R&D project that will transform tourism experiences

Experience tourism and the concept of responsible and sustainable tourism are gaining more and more followers. The European ACE-IT Project seeks to reinvent tourism experiences by developing a framework that will automate the laborious process of creating and providing high-quality and personalized content

Every day we interact with the world through our smart devices. So why should tourists abandon their smartphones, watches and glasses when traveling?

From the analysis of this reality, this European R&D project was born, which seeks to offer both small businessmen and tourist entities, author tools to easily and automatically generate new experiences, with a high level of personalization.

The ACE-IT Project (Adaptative Content Engine for Intelligent Tourism) is based on the application of the most innovative concepts for the collection, processing and provision of personalized content, combining different techniques and methodologies. This will help sector agents to expand their service offering and create new opportunities in the tourism sector.

Unique tourist experiences

Tourists are increasingly asking for technology such as Extended Reality (XR) environments to live the tourist experience like never before.

Tourists seek to get away from traditional mass tourism, generally focused on a very small number of locations. And they look for unique and authentic experiences.

Access to highly personalized services and content would open the doors to a much more enriching tourism, away from over-exploited points of interest. It would also help to redistribute the economic benefit and improve the quality of the tourist experience.

This new context, marked by the search for differentiating, personalized experiences away from mass tourism, is a great opportunity for small and medium-sized agents in the sector, with extensive experience and a large amount of their own content.

SII Concatel, together with other technology companies, works to combine Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Machine Learning and an infrastructure of Smart Gateways based on lines of research consolidated at the academic level. The innovations in which SII Concatel is involved have an international impact: data collection, categorization, engagement prediction and content provision through an optimized communication model.

There is currently no solution that aims to create a content aggregator in the tourism sector (focused on small and medium-sized companies) as advanced as ACE-IT.

As a result, the project will generate a set of tools for the intelligent collection and contextualization of data, offering cataloging and structuring techniques that have not existed until now. A collection and cataloging system that is the basis for a model for the provision of high-quality tourist experiences; a model that allows to anticipate the needs of the user and offer the best experiences according to their profile and that of those who accompany them.

cdti logo for the european ace-it r + d + i project in which sii concatel participates